Scholars Program

At the commencement of their studies at NEGS, all students are assessed, in order to determine the best approach for their learning enrichment. For students with specific academic talents, individual programs are developed. These involve more complex and abstract work in the classroom and state and nation-wide competitions. Students in years 3-10 have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular competitions such as The Da Vinci Decathlon, Future Problem Solving, Tournament of the Minds, Maths Olympiads, Australian Mathematics Trust competitions in Computational Thinking and Maths, University competitions in Maths, Science, English, Computing and Geography. Enrichment classes are also offered at lunchtimes for interested students in Science, Maths and other academic subjects. In years 9 and 10, girls may be selected to undertake the Scholars Program. This provides opportunities for gifted and talented students, either individually or in a like-ability group, to undertake a research project, in an area of their choosing and interest, in place of one of their elective lines. The aim is to both support and challenge them to pursue excellence through their passions.