A day in the boarding house at NEGS

The boarding houses are open at 6.30 am in Summer and Winter – this is 
for the girls to complete exercise or to feed and groom their horses before 
breakfast. Students are woken between 7-7.15 am to prepare themselves for the 
school day.

Breakfast starts in the dining hall at 7.45 am. The school day
 starts at 8.30 am – 8.45 am depending on the day. 
Students participate in classes until the end of the school day at 3.20 pm 
where they return to the boarding house before beginning their afternoon 
activities such as training for sports, horse riding, music 
lessons/practise, downtown visits for the senior students and Moxon’s (local 
bakery) visits for the juniors on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Dinner is at 
5.45 pm in the dining room. The girls are seated on mixed tables to ensure 
interaction amongst year groups.

Prep begins at 6.30 pm in the Library for
 Years 7-10 and in Saumarez House for Years 11 and 12. Year 7-10 return to the house at 8.30 pm where they begin to 
wind down for the evening and commence any evening routines or rituals (e.g. 
room checks).

Year 7-10 must also hand in their laptops and mobile phones 15 minutes 
before their bed time.

Weekends for boarders

Of a weekend, breakfast is in the house on Saturday and Sunday and students have Brunch 
at 11 am on Sunday.

Boarders are able to go on ‘exeat’ over the weekend.

 weekend an optional ‘Boarding activity’ is organised. These vary from week
 to week and include the movies, markets, roller skating and community events 
such as the ‘Relay for life’.

In Winter (Terms 2 and 3) students are
 encouraged to join a sports team and many of these sporting matches are on a

Girls are transported to and from their games and are encouraged 
to watch and support their friends. During the Summer months the school pool
 is open for the boarders to take advantage of the sun and warmer weather.

Downtown visits, additional privileges (including dinner and brunch) for 
Years 11 and 12 and visits to the shops are also a highlight of most