Boarding Houses

Housing is arranged according to students’ age groups and needs. The youngest pupils at NEGS, those ranging from Years 6 to 10 are housed in a separate complex. While older students, Years 11 and 12, are given individual rooms to maximise their study experience. They are encouraged to socialise in common areas, fostering a sense of community that is highly valued at NEGS.

Those with a knowledge of NEGS will be aware that the House structure has altered over the decades in order to meet new and changing needs and to provide the absolute best standards of pastoral care. Above all we wish to honour and preserve the historical legacy of NEGS while at the same time allowing for change and providing a structure that is flexible and able to cope with future trends in boarding enrolments.

The Guiding Principles

Before deciding on what changes were necessary, the Board of Directors and School Executive examined the various options and reached the following conclusions: boarding is a central feature of the character and purpose of NEGS. The innovative model introduced in 2014 built upon past successes whilst continuing a vertical distribution of students in Years 7-12. This promotes leadership, cross-age interaction and a strong sense of belonging in a community. Above all, the focus is upon maintaining the already strong House system and associated virtues of effective pastoral care, cultivating a sense of belonging and of providing a ‘home away from home’ for every girl who boards. Each boarding house consists of about 50-60 students ensuring a good number of boarders of a similar age in each House. They connect and experience boarding together. This builds camaraderie and ownership of their school home.

Kirkwood House

This is the junior House for Years 6-10 boarders.

Saumarez House

This is the senior House for Years 11-12 boarders.

White House

This is the junior House for Years 6-11 boarders.