Rifle Club

New England Girls’ School has the unique distinction of being the only girls’ school in Australia to offer target rifle shooting as a competitive sport.

Founded in 1996, NEGS Rifle Club is a member of the NSW Rifle Association which has administered this traditional Australian sport since pre-Federation times. There are no age or gender restrictions in the sport, allowing the girls to compete with genuine equality against adults and other students in their respective competition grades.

The Club trains year round in preparation for regular team and individual competitions.

Beginners learn the fundamentals of firearm safety and target shooting on .22 calibre Smallbore rifles at ranges up to 50 metres. Once competent at this level they graduate to Fullbore .223” or .308” rifles, shooting from 300 up to 800 metres.

The Club regularly travels to regional prize shoots where members compete as individuals, however the main competition focus is the annual Fiona Reynolds All Schools Match and the AAGPS Rifle Shooting Premiership for teams of five and eight repsectively. Both these events are for school age shooters, and the other teams are all male.

Prior to these matches, the girls go into training camp at Wingham Rifle Range where they live in and are coached daily by some Australia’s best target shooters. The team then travels to ANZAC Range Malabar to compete in the All Schools Match before moving to Hornsby Range to shoot alongside the exclusive AAGPS event.

NEGS has the privilege of being the only non GPS school to participate in the Association’s sports calendar.

Beyond school, several NEGS shooters have gone on to join state and national Under 25 teams, while the sport can also provide a spring-board for GAP placement in the United Kingdom where the sport is very popular at independent schools.

Minimum participation age is twelve years of age, and the Club can provide all the necessary equipment.