Health Centre

The school Health Centre is staffed by Registered Nurses (RN), who maintain current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

The role of the School Nurse and Health Centre is to provide the link between the education system, students, families, the community and Health Professionals. The School Nurse is responsible for the day to day health of all students including the physical, psychological and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When a student is injured or is unwell, the school nurse on duty will assess the student and refer to the relevant Health Professionals as required. The student may be able to recover from illness or injury at school, but if it is deemed necessary for the student to return home to recover, the school nurse will contact the parents/guardian and make arrangements for the student to return home.

The School Registered Nurse is on Duty at the Health Centre, Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 4.30pm. If a boarding student is unwell and not fit to attend class, she will be admitted to the Health Centre for the day to rest in bed. Her parents will be notified and referral to the School doctor arranged if necessary. After Hours, the boarding staff can contact the On-Call nurse as required. The Registered Nurse on call can be contacted on the Health Centre mobile number.

All medical appointments for boarding students will be made with Dr Wendy Simpson, our school General Practitioner unless otherwise specified.

Medical Care is provided by:

  • School Registered Nurse
  • Integral Health Medical Practice
  • Armidale Hospital in case of emergency
  • Allied Health Professionals as suited to individual needs

The NEGS Health Centre is privileged to have the services of Integral Health Medical Practice and Dr Wendy Simpson as the School General Practitioner. The Health Centre holds a GP Clinic in the Health Centre with Dr Wendy Simpson each week as required for routine appointments, with the aim to reduce loss school time for the students. All appointments for these clinics are made through the Health Centre. Some Students are still in the care of Dr Luke Bookallil at Rusden Street Medical Practice and Dr Heather Williams from Marsh Street Medical Practice.

It is desirable that routine Allied Health Appointments i.e. dental, eye checks be attended to during school holidays. In the event of ongoing treatment or the need for a referral to the an Allied Health Professional during term time, consultation between the school RN, Medical Officer and the Parent/Caregiver will occur to ensure referral to the most suitable provider.

In the event a student needs professional counseling, contact will be established through the Health Centre in consultation with the General Practitioner (if required) and the Parent/Caregiver. The Health Centre has a comprehensive list of Counsellors and Psychologists and will assist with determining the most appropriate provider.

No student should have medication in their possession on school grounds.

The Registered Nurse in the health centre must be notified of any day student that requires administration of medication during the school day.

Medications must be administered to any student through the Health Centre during the school day.

Out of hours procedures are in place for boarding students.

For more information please contact the Health Centre on (02) 6774 8716