Enrolment and Fees

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How School Plan Works

We know that planning for your child’s education is a big financial responsibility.  In response NEGS has partnered with the Australian Scholarships Group, the largest provider of education scholarship and fee payment plans in Australia. 

 ASG created School Plan to relieve the financial pressure of education expenses by enabling families to spread the cost of school fees throughout the year. Families can make regular payments to School Plan who in turn forward the cost of the term’s fees to NEGS at the beginning of each school term.

How School Plan Helps Families 


School Plan enables families to spread their child’s annual school fees into fortnightly or monthly instalments. This gives families the reassurance of knowing exactly what their school fee commitments are, making it easier for families to manage the household budget.

Peace of mind

School Plan manages the payment of your school fees on your behalf, so you never have to worry about missing a payment. School Plan can cover any fixed school payments, including tuition fees, boarding fees, camp fees, building fund donations and extra curricular activities such as music tuition.

Entitlement to school discounts

By paying your child’s school fees with School Plan, the school receives payment on time, every time, entitling you to receive any term or semester prompt payment discount that NEGS may offer.

Co-contribution of instalments

With School Plan, the instalments can be split between two members, enabling separated parents or grandparents, to co-contribute to a child’s school fees.

Hassle Free

School Plan liaises directly with the school on your behalf.

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