International Students

NEGS welcomes students from other countries and provides a friendly, supportive family environment that encourages the educational development and personal growth of all students and the opportunity to form friendships for life. NEGS offers shared hotel style rooms, not dormitories, in each of the boarding houses and in Year 12 single rooms are available. 

The boarding experience is an integral part of life at NEGS for both Australian and International students.

NEGS aims to provide an environment that enhances learning and provides support for the spiritual, emotional and physical development of the boarders. 

Boarding provides opportunities for students to develop independence, effective and meaningful relationships, responsibility for themselves and others, the ability to share space and facilities and resilience through their personal and communal encounters.

The residential staff play a very important role in promoting the value of boarding and making our school a very special environment. Residential staff make up part of the extended circle of caring staff in other key areas of the school that can be called upon to to give your daughter the support and guidance she might require. 

NEGS offers students a wonderful array of opportunities and the best way to integrate, learn English and have fun is to become involved in activities available.

All students have access to the music and sporting facilities and have the opportunity to enjoy new activities such as riding at the Equestrian Centre. 

During the school holidays and boarders’ weekends, international students are encouraged to stay with their friends or with a family to enrich their Australian experience and to practise their English. Opportunities for accelerated learning are available within the school.

Overseas Students’ Handbook

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International Fee Schedule 2017