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2017 Term Two

NEGS Newsletter, T2 – Week 8, Friday, 16th June:

NEGS Newsletter, T2 – Week 6, Tuesday, 30th May:

NEGS Newsletter, T2 – Week 4, Tuesday, 16th May:

NEGS Newsletter, T2 – Wk2 Tuesday, 2nd May:


2017 Term One

NEGS Newsletter, T1 – Wk10 Tuesday, 4th April:

NEGS Newsletter, T1 – Wk8 Wednesday 22nd March:

NEGS Newsletter, T1 – Wk6 Tuesday 7th March:

NEGS e-newsletter T1 Wk4 Tuesday 21st February:

NEGS e-newsletter T1 Wk2 Tuesday 7th February:

2016 Term Four Newsletters

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As of Term Four Newsletters, we have gone to an ‘e-newletter’ version.  If you wish to receive the fortnightly newsletter via email please contact the Publications Office on to be added to the list.

2016 Term Three

NEGS Equestrian Centre – Wk9 23rd JuneSt John’s Newsletter – Wk8 16th JuneNEGS Newsletter – Wk8 16th JuneSt John’s Newsletter – Wk4 18th MayNEGS Newsletter – Wk4 18th MayNEGS Equestrian Centre – Wk4 18th MaySt John’s Newsletter – Wk2 4th MayNEGS Newsletter – Wk2 4th May

2016 Term One

St John’s Newsletter – Wk11 5th AprilNEGS Newsletter – Wk11 5th AprilSt John’s Newsletter – Wk8 18th MarchNEGS Newsletter – Wk8 18th MarchSt John’s Newsletter – Wk6 2nd MarchNEGS Newsletter – Wk6 2nd MarchNEGS Equestrian – Wk6 2nd MarchNEGS School Newsletter – Wk4 17th FebruaryJunior School Newsletter – Wk4 17th FebruaryJunior School Newsletter – Wk2 3rd FebruaryNEGS Newsletter, Wk2 3rd FebruaryNEGS Equestrian, Wk2 3rd February

2015 Term Four

St John’s Newsletter, Wk8 25th NovemberNEGS Newsletter, Wk8 25th NovemberNEGS Equestrian, Wk8 25th NovemberSt John’s Newsletter, Wk6 11th NovemberNEGS Newsletter, Wk6 11th NovemberNEGS Equestrian, Wk6 11th NovemberSt John’s Newsletter, Wk4 28th OctoberNEGS Newsletter, Wk4 28th OctoberSt John’s Newsletter, Wk2 14th OctoberNEGS Newsletter, Wk2 14th OctoberNEGS Equestrian, Wk2 14th October

2015 Term Three

St John’s Newsletter, Wk10 16th SeptemberNEGS Newsletter, Wk10 16th SeptemberSt John’s Newsletter, Wk8 2nd SeptemberNEGS Newsletter, Wk8 2nd SeptemberNEGS Equestrian, Wk8 2nd SeptemberSt John’s Newsletter, Wk6 19th AugustNEGS Newsletter, Wk6 19th AugustNEGS Equestrian, Wk6 19th AugustSt John’s Newsletter, Wk4 5th AugustNEGS Newsletter, Wk4 5th AugustSt John’s Newsletter, Wk2 22nd July NEGS Newsletter, Wk2 22nd July

2015 Term Two

St John’s Newsletter – Wk8 10th June NEGS Newsletter- Wk8 10th June NEGS Equestrian – Wk8 10th June St John’s Newsletter – Wk6 27th May NEGS Newsletter- Wk6 27th May St John’s Newsletter – Wk4 13th May NEGS Newsletter- Wk4 13th May NEGS Equestrian – Wk4 13th May St John’s Newsletter – Wk2 29th April NEGS Newsletter- Wk 2 29th April NEGS Equestrian – Wk 2 29th April

2015 Term One

St John’s Newsletter – Wk 6 4th March NEGS Newsletter – Wk 6 4th March NEGS Equestrian – Wk 6 4th March St John’s Newsletter – Wk 4 18th February NEGS Newsletter – Wk 4 18th February St John’s Newsletter – Wk 2 4th February NEGS Newsletter – Wk 2 4th February NEGS Equestrian – Wk 2 4th February


Please select the term below to see our archived newsletters


Please select the term below to see our archived newsletters