From the Principal – W6

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

NEGS Assemblies have taken a ‘new-look-structure’ for 2017. In deference to the importance of youth leadership, the Assemblies are now completely student-driven. We look to our leaders to drive and organise the agenda, and put their stamp upon proceedings. Each Year 12 student will be given the opportunity to talk about “the journey that made them”. This enables the senior girls to reflect upon their lives, ambitions and the prospect of the growth mindset. Whilst this reflection is beneficial to them personally, the younger girls also have an opportunity to get to know the older students. It is fast becoming the highlight of every assembly.

Last week saw the awarding of half and full, academic/Christian service/performing arts, colours.  Each of these recipients can provide valuable insights into those habits that enable them to achieve highly, whilst managing busy lives.

The Assembly was also an opportunity to reinforce the importance of the partnership between the School, families and students. When this partnership is strong students achieve to their potential and their schooling experience is enriched. Parents enhance their child’s learning by setting clear aspirations and high expectations for educational achievement. The School must set the appropriate climate in the classrooms through specific teachers, curriculum and strategies. In creating its own culture and ethos the School also enhances student outcomes.

Ultimately, however, the most important factor in this partnership is the individual student. It is their openness to the learning experience; their willingness to invest in learning and academic engagement that is the most powerful influence on achievement throughout schooling. This engagement will be a continued focus for the School in the year ahead.

As you are all aware, NEGS will be hosting Andrew Fuller, renowned Clinical Psychologist, on Thursday 23rd March. As a taste of what we can expect, I have attached for your interest his latest writing on “The Resilient Mindset”. I am certain we can all see ourselves, and our daughters, within the article.

With every best wish for the fortnight ahead.

The Resilient Mindset