Boarding @ NEGS Week 8

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas


How quickly the term has gone and the year. As the weather warms up here in Armidale and a lot of our families are celebrating the beginning (finally) of harvest we can almost smell the end of year in boarding.
Although there are some very tired young ladies they have pushed themselves through their examination and assessment period, their Summer sport commitments, music rehearsals for end of year celebrations as well as participating in many boarding activities.
The boarders come together for our Xmas dinner on Monday 5th December in the Dining Hall here at NEGS. Each of the houses are decorated ready for the final results of the most decorated house award. The rooms are being packed up and House Mothers have been introducing themselves to their new year groups for 2017.
I would like to thank all the support from parents, students and staff throughout the year. Working as a team ensure that we are providing 100% care for the girls. We farewell Mrs McCulloch from the position of Head of House (Kirkwood and White House) and thank her for her passion, time, care and early morning songs when waking the girls. The energy she has given to her role is very much appreciated and we will miss her support.
Wishing all families, boarders and staff a very safe and Merry Christmas and we all look forward to seeing everyone return in 2017.

White House in the News (Years 6, 7 & 8)

Years 7, 8 and year 11 girls from Whitehouse attended the social with Farrer Agricultural Memorial High School in Tamworth on 27th October and they thoroughly enjoyed their time. They all rushed into the boarding house with excitement and stories of the night. It was lovely to see them all so happy, and it continued for days.
We are very competitive when it comes to the best decorated house for Christmas. The girls are in the spirit and are proud of their input.
Smoothies have become very successful on Mondays and Wednesdays in Whitehouse, thanks to Bronte!!

Kirkwood House in the News (Years 9 & 10)

November has been the month of Christmas in Kirkwood. We have had so much fun decorating, writing Christmas cards and organising our Secret Santa. The girls all pestered each other trying to discover who their gift was.
Year ten have scattered across the country for work experience, the house has been so quiet without them! We wish them all the best for this adventure and will enjoy seeing them again in Service week. We have all sorts of fun planned planned for Service week in Kirkwood, lots of games, our house awards night and even some competitions for the girls.
Kirkwood has some surprise visitors at the moment. Four Indian runner ducklings made their way to the house on Monday and will be boarding with us for the week until they find their new homes. The girls have had a wonderful time bonding with the hatchlings and have enjoyed their time as mother ducks.