From the Principal

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

The conclusion of Term 1 2017 holds the promise of a well deserved break for NEGS’ students, staff and families. Collectively, we have worked together providing the best educational outcome for our students. I specifically refer to our students’ wellbeing: being healthy – inside-to-out; working academically to the best of their ability; involving themselves in extra-curricular activities whole-heartedly; whilst underpinning all of this achievement through caring for others.

The NEGS’ student is gentle and strong; understated and humble about their achievements; a leader of themselves and others. This is the embodiment of the NEGS culture and I see it everyday in our girls. These qualities were no more apparent than on Scholarship Day when our panel of Prefects answered questions from the floor, of the discerning potential parent. Our Prefects answered eloquently; intelligently and without pause. They were able to answer some very difficult questions at times because they know NEGS thoroughly, and more importantly, they believe in NEGS.

Mrs Etoline Galbraith, Director of Marketing & Enrolments, and I have just completed some “Meet The Principal” events throughout Queensland and NSW. What was most pleasing, apart from meeting new families, was the resounding endorsement of NEGS through our wonderfully supportive current families. I would like to thank each current family for their unending support – it means so much.

In this past fortnight, end of term examinations and assessments have taken clear priority. In effect they are an accountability process for our girls – a measure of their commitment and application to their schoolwork and studies over the past term. Importantly, these examinations, as well as the impending academic reports, form the basis for conversations at the Parent-Teacher Interviews being held this Thursday for Years 7 and 11. This afternoon is always very well supported by parents and is an important one in helping the girls to improve and to fulfil their potential. The School always encourages the girls to be present at the interviews and to be part of the dialogue. Their success at school is the result of their hard work, supported by a three way partnership between student, parent and teacher. This same partnership is also at the heart of the great community we share here at NEGS.

As this week’s Newsletter goes to print, 18 girls and 3 staff from NEGS are flying back to Australia after the inaugural USA Equestrian Tour. This event organised by Mr Imti Anees, Head of the NEGS Equestrian Centre, has been a resounding success. The girls have had multiple experiences including: watching a US$500,000 Grand Prix Jumping; visiting the KER Research farm to watch a horse at full gallop on a high speed treadmill while their heart rates were taken on a mobile App; visiting thoroughbred racing stables; meeting the two-time world champion and six time Rolex Eventing winner the legendary Bruce Davidson; visiting the beautiful Longwood Farm, home of the US Eventing team; visiting the owner of Campbell Soup, Chester Weber’s 7500 acre farm; taking in the sights in Washington DC – the list goes on. The most fundamental message from all the people with whom the girls met, was the importance of learning from everyone and being nice to everyone. How you conduct yourself is the most important thing in anything you do. The girls have adhered to this theme by conducting themselves with aplomb and grace, and have been a credit to their families and our School. I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr Anees for organising the trip, and Ms Tara Jane and Mrs Gloria MacCormack for accompanying the girls.


Finally, wishing you all a happy and safe Easter. Enjoy this time with your children and I look forward to seeing you all next term.