From the Principal – W4

Ms Mary Anne Evans

Ms Mary Anne Evans

2017 has witnessed the inaugural NEGS/St John’s Swimming Carnival. To say it was a resounding success is an understatement. Florence Green would have been proud of the spirit that she created, being carried on so admirably by the students of our great School. When the St John’s students needed help in the pool, the older NEGS girls were there. This is what NEGS is about – seeing others in need and helping without question, or being asked to do so.

Following the sporting theme, I would like to congratulate the following students on selection in their respective representative sports:

Charlotte Raleigh – Under 19 NSW Netball Team
Jaimie McElroy & Lucy Ramsay – NSW Eventing Development Squad
Alex Patten – NSW Indigenous Cricket Team

These girls have all been outstanding ambassadors for their sport and their school. They all travel to Sydney – some of them weekly – to partake in their teams/squads training sessions. This requires an extraordinary commitment on behalf of the girls and their parents, not to mention the financial commitment. NEGS staff also contribute by supporting the girls educationally and making them believe in themselves and that it can be done. If it takes a village to raise a child then it takes a community to support state representative athletes. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who helps these outstanding young women of NEGS. NEGS holds the same philosophy as Sallyanne Atkinson: “If you don’t think you can’t do it, you usually can.”
I have attached for your reference the latest information on “Stronger HSC Standards: Minimum Standards for Literacy & Numeracy”. I cannot stress enough the importance of being familiar with this document and upon reading this information, I am certain it will allay many of the concerns you may have for your daughters.
Until next fortnight.


“Stronger HSC Standards: Minimum Standards for Literacy & Numeracy”