From The Principal Week 8

Ms Mary Anne Evans

Ms Mary Anne Evans

Dear NEGS parents, guardians and community members,

It is important to recognise how important these final weeks of the year are to each and every one of us. The early successes of next year lie in how well we all finish this one. Whilst all staff are busily marking exams and writing reports, they are also putting an equal amount of work into the 2017 preparation.

Whilst the end of the 2016 school year has certainly arrived in a flurry, there is a great sense of gratitude for what has been a significant year. I am constantly reminded of what a privilege it is to work at NEGS. Far beyond buildings, grounds and resources, these privileges are to be found in the people who make up the NEGS community, most especially our students. To all the NEGS’ contributors – who make our school even better than before – please accept my heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

All reports will be handed out after Speech Day, 7th December 2016. For any student not able to collect their report then, it shall be mailed out. The reports provide an invaluable opportunity for discussion between students and their parents. The discussion can include reflections upon the past semester, as well as upon next year and how each student can make improvements. Time spent considering and discussing these reports with your daughters prior to Christmas, will bring about improvement and success beyond the holidays in the new academic year that awaits all students.

Congratulations to those students who have set themselves academic goals and achieved them in Semester 2. This is particularly the case for those students whose success has not been recognised with awards. It is the case that for every student who receives an academic award at the end of the year, there are numerous others who do not receive recognition but who always do their best, who cooperate with their teachers and get along with their peers. These are the quiet achievers. It is upon their efforts, as much as it is upon those who receive awards, that a great school is built. Special congratulations to all the quiet achievers of NEGS in 2016.

Our ongoing improvement as a school is very much a result of the professionalism, dedication and care of all the staff at NEGS. They have worked tirelessly and given generously throughout the year to help each girl learn and grow as young women. I convey my sincere thanks to all the staff and wish them well for a much deserved holiday.

As you know, there are some staff who will be leaving at the end of the Term. Some have been here on contracts of varying lengths while others have made long term contributions to NEGS. Our best wishes and appreciation are extended to the following teachers who have been here during this past year/years: Mrs Consuela Despi (14 years), Mrs Donella Tutt (7 years), Ms Catherine Curtin (10 months) and Miss Caitlin Zahner (7 months).

On behalf of the School I express deep gratitude, particularly to Mrs Despi and Mrs Tutt, who have displayed outstanding commitment and provided generous service in a variety of capacities to  NEGS over many years. We wish them all well for their future endeavours.

To everyone in the community, as we prepare for Christmas, may these weeks be times of grace, peace and coming together. I trust that the holidays ahead are a period of rest, relaxation and safe travel for all. With every best wish for the summer holiday.