From The Principal Wk6

Ms Mary Anne Evans

Dear NEGS’ Community, welcome to Week 6 – and it is all happening! The junior secondary students are in the throes of exams; learning the inevitable benefit of being prepared, staying calm and looking after themselves. Teachers of course, are madly working to finalise assessments; reports and all those necessary things that need doing before the end of the year.

To this end, it is worth noting in these busy times, that we all need to reassess relationships to ensure we are balanced. By creating positive relationships we are all stronger in dealing with what lies ahead, no matter what that is.

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist, believes that when we improve relationships everything improves – academic results, behaviour, morale and resilience. We all need to have conversations about how to build the values that underpin all quality relationships – trust, forgiveness, integrity, hope and compassion.

I have attached for your interest, the first in a series of 6 articles relating to this imperative in our  increasingly busy lives: “The Relationship Quotient.” Enjoy.

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