Head of St John’s Wk10

Shannon Rosewood

Shannon Rosewood

Anne Ward

Mrs Anne Ward

Farewell Mrs Ward!

Mrs Ward will hopefully come back to us in 2018 but she may skip off into the sunset of Cairns. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Ward for her contributions to St John’s over the past fourteen years and her teaching career that spans forty years. We have been very fortunate to have a teacher of this calibre working with our students. We will miss her!!

Mrs Bell will remain at St John’s in Term 2 whilst her pregnancy allows but eventually she will leave us to have her baby. I know she has everyone’s best wishes for the big event.  A big thank you for Mrs Bell’s contributions over the last two years to learning support, Reception, yoga and drama. She will be hard to replace!

Next term we will be welcoming back Mrs Dent and Mrs Packer from maternity leave.  Miss Eliza Drozdowski will continue to work with Year 1/2 students one day a week and will also be present in our classrooms as a specialist teacher.

The first day of Term 2 is Wednesday 26 April and we ask that students wear their formal uniform for our NEGS Anzac Service at 9 am. All students are welcome to march at the Armidale Anzac Service on Tuesday 25 April. Term 2 will have a lot of exciting events such as NAPLAN, the Armidale Eisteddfod, Tour de St John’s and the K – 12 Athletics Carnival.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the dedicated team of staff in the Junior School who all work so tirelessly to enhance the educational experience for your children. I look forward to the numerous events next term and wish all families a restful break.

Let Your Talent 


A big thank you to Arabella Dagg for this amazing fundraising event.  We anticipate that it will be the highlight of the year!


Student initiative and leadership

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 leadership team for their efforts this term. Looking after our Kindergarten students has been a challenging task at times, as I’m sure all their parents would understand. Helping at the salad bar or making room for a little people in a game is not always a priority for Year 5/6 girls but they made few complaints and often initiated the little things that assisted the younger students to select their lunch or started a game at lunchtime. Congratulations to Years 5/6!

Reading over the holidays

Children who read succeed. One of the best predictors of educational success and career attainment are one’s strong literacy levels and passion for reading in primary school. Strong reading skills develop through repeated practice and exposure to a wide variety of quality literature. As we enter the holidays, I encourage the students of St John’s to read for leisure as much as they can. I also ask parents to read with their children as a part of the joy of holidays.

Term 2

  • 25 April – St John’s students and families are invited to join with NEGS at the Anzac March and wreath laying service in Armidale. Meet in Moore Street at 10.15 am in full winter uniform.
  • 26 April – First Day of Term 2. Students return 8:45 am. We will begin the term with a student led K – 12 Anzac Service at 9 am.  Full school uniform and blazer please.
  • 9 – 11 May Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN testing)
  • 26 May K – 12 Athletics Carnival
  • 9  June Student free day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)
  • 12 June Queen’s Birthday
  • 22 June Term 2 concludes
  • 23 June Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)