Head of St John’s Wk4

Shannon Rosewood

Mrs Shannon Rosewood

Welcome Pool Party

St John’s Welcome Pool Party was a highlight of the term. Thanks for the big turn out and the tasty snacks that were shared. We will definitely be keen to have another visit to the pool in Term 4 when we have our Xmas party. A big thank you to Miss Drozdowski for her lifeguard skills. We were in great hands.

It has been terrific to see the PE lessons held at NEGS and we had a wonderful time at the Swimming Carnival. Well done everyone involved.


Camp Week 2017
Years 3 to 6 will be heading off to Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Camp on March 1 for three days.

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Our younger students will work with James Harwood Swim School to improve and develop their swimming skills.

Year 1/2 will have their chance later in the year to have a one-night sleepover at the Dickens Boarding House at NEGS.

The Week 8 excursion education program achieves many goals both in the educational sphere as well as in the areas of personal, physical and social skill development. Coping with one’s personal care and hygiene, organising clothing and belongings, sharing a room with a fellow student and eating food prepared beyond the home are all sound learning opportunities. For our younger students it is the difference of a day’s learning outside the classroom that creates excitement and challenge. Students will return to school to write and reflect on their camp and daytime experiences.

Helping your child prepare for camp

At St John’s, our goal is to make school camps rewarding and enriching experiences for every student. 

We know that for some children, being away from their families can be challenging and perhaps daunting. However, we trust that you understand these experiences to be an important part of our curriculum, which cater to the social, physical and emotional development of your child. 

For most children, anxiety is quite normal. As a parent, you might welcome advice on dealing with your child’s nerves. We have prepared some suggestions to assist you in preparing emotionally for camp.

What parents can do

• Acknowledge your child’s fears and worries. Don’t dismiss or ignore them – but don’t dwell on them either.

• Let your child know that it is normal to feel a little worried or anxious and that he/she may find many of the students in his/her class feel the same way.

• Try to connect this experience to another relevant, positive experience where a good outcome was achieved after initial worries.

• Gently encourage your child to try new activities that challenge them.

• Speak positively about the camp, both to your child and whenever you are within earshot. If you have your own concerns, don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

• Let your child pack their bag with your supervision so they know where to find each outfit and toiletry item. Prepare well in advance and tick each item off a list.

• If your child is feeling anxious, you may consider sending a keepsake of some sort, such as a soft toy or a special reading book.

• Debrief with your child on their return home to help them reflect on just how well he/she has managed with the challenges faced. Remember they will arrive home very tired and perhaps such conversations are best had over the weekend rather than Friday night.


Are you signing your child’s Diary each day? This helps teachers to know you are receiving their messages. I have asked teachers to contact parents if a child is regularly not bringing their Diary to school. It is these gaps in communication that lead to a disconnect between home and school.


There has been a huge improvement in student responsibility for hats and blazers.  Well done everyone.  Ensuring the current owner of uniform is clearly marked helps with the return of lost property. Girls are required to wear a white panama hat to school each day that they are in formal school uniform.

Please note that anklet sports socks and ‘skins’ are not part of the St John’s sports uniform and students are asked to wear white ankle school socks. Sneakers can be any colour because that makes the children love their shoes and run faster.  Just kidding, we want our students to feel sporty and active and if a lovely pink pair of sneakers makes them feel this way then we are all for it.

Student achievementsYear1_216665108_10155039200097990_659279239109102012_o[6]

Well done to Olivia and Sarah K for their sporting efforts last weekend. The girls attended the Little Athletics gala day (regional carnival including Tamworth, Gunnedah, Glen Innes and Coffs Harbour); Sarah placed 1st in shot put, 2nd in discus and 3rd in the 200 metres for Under 8 girls, and Olivia placed 2nd in discus and 3rd in shot put for Under 6 girls. Liv also came equal 3rd in the overall point score rankings for Under 6 girls. Congratulations girls!

We always love to hear about community achievements that involve our St John’s students.

Term 1

24 February PSSA Swimming Carnival
24 February Assembly – Year 5/6 Presenting
27 Feb  – 3 March – Kindergarten to Year 2 Swim week
1 – 3 March Year 3 – 6 Camp
7 March IPSHA Swimming Carnival
10 March Assembly Year 4 presenting
10 March – Kids Lit Quiz (selected students)
17 March Junior School Cross Country
18 March – Autumn Festival March
24 March Assembly Year 3 presenting
20 March Parent Interview Week
31 March – Indigenous performance T – 6
1 April IPSHA Cross Country
4 April K – 12 Assembly K-2 Presenting
5 April STJ Triathlon
Thursday 7 April Term 1 concludes
Friday 8 April – Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)

Autumn Festival ParadeautumnLeaf

On Saturday (18 March), the annual Autumn Festival Parade will be held.
St John’s children are invited to participate:

Meet: 12 noon
Where to drop off: Park opposite TAFE in Beardy Street
Finish: 1.15 pm
Where to pick up: Opposite the Belgrave Cinema in Dumaresq Street

All children must wear full school uniform with hats and they may carry water bottles.
Unless the weather is cool, blazers do not need to be worn. Please ensure you are at the finish point promptly.