Head of St John’s Wk6

Ms Rosewood

Ms Rosewood

Lake Ainsworth Camp

A big ‘THANK YOU!’ to all our teachers who attended the Lake Ainsworth Camp with Years 3 to 6. All the students had a marvellous time. We thank the families of our staff for sharing their mums with our students and also the professional team at Sport And Recreation.


NEGS and St John’s Talent QuestRailwayChildrenMagicBus
Student initiative is to be applauded and celebrated. After a recent viewing of the movie LION, one of our Year 5/6 leaders has approached the school about running a talent quest to raise funds for the orphans and children of India. LION has helped to raise awareness of the 80 thousand children in India that go missing each year and the 11 million living on the streets.




#LIONHEART social media campaign offers financial support to these non-profit organisations serving vulnerable children (

LION is a remarkable story about the importance of family. The community of St John’s and NEGS value the ways in which we can help and support others. All children K – 12 will be invited to audition for our ‘Let your talent ROAR!!!!’ afternoon concert.



NEGS and St John’s

Let Your Talent


Students from K – 12 can enter as individuals or a group.

Auditions will be held in Week 9 and 10 to ensure that items are appropriate.

Entries will cost $5 per item.

Audience members will be asked to donate a gold coin.

The NEGS/St John’s Talent quest will be held on the final day of Term 1 (6 April) at 2pm in the NEGS Assembly Hall.



Kids’ Lit Quiz
Friday 10th March will see NEGS host the Armidale Heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature competition (run around the world) for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the stage and lets them compete for fantastic prizes. On the day we will have 48 students (in teams of 4) from Armidale primary and high schools, competing in rounds with questions like:

What was Matilda’s favourite subject at school?

What colour was the highly sought after and prized Askenstone?



Term 1

  • 10 March Assembly Year 4 presenting
  • 10 March – Kids’ Lit Quiz (selected students)
  • 17 March Junior School Cross Country
  • 18 March – Autumn Festival March
  • 24 March Assembly Year 3 presenting
  • 27 March Parent Interview Week
  • 31 March – Indigenous performance 3 – 6
  • 1 April IPSHA Cross Country
  • 4 April K – 12 Assembly K-2 Presenting
  • 5 April STJ Triathlon
  • 6 April Thursday Term 1 concludes
  • 7 April – Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)



Autumn Festival ParadeautumnLeaf

On Saturday (18 March), the annual Autumn Festival Parade will be held. St John’s children are invited to participate:

Meet: 12 noon

Where to drop off: Park opposite TAFE in Beardy Street

Finish: 1.15 pm

Where to pick up: Opposite the Belgrave Cinema in Dumaresq Street

All children must wear full school uniform with hats and they may carry water bottles. Unless the weather is cool, blazers do not need to be worn. Please ensure you are at the finish point promptly.

Lake Ainsworth Camp with Years 3 to 6