News from Head of St John’s

Ms Shannon Rosewood
Head of Junior School

Congratulations to our Year 6 leaders!ShannonFormalPic2

How would you like to be remembered? It is traditional for Year 6 to leave a memento of their time at St John’s. At the end of Term 3, the Year 6 students worked towards raising their own funds through a Year 6 Fundraiser day.

Students from Transition to Year 5 had a brilliant time and would like to thank the Year 6 students for their collaborative planning and professional implementation of the day. And whilst we didn’t have a complete ‘Outdoor Day’ we managed to have a wonderful time in the playground experiencing the haunted house, face painting, Lob a choc, ‘a minute to win it’ and a lolly guessing competition. It was a fantastic day.

The students will now consider what would be a suitable gift for the school. In past years we have built on our collection of STEM equipment such as the chessboard and playground clock.





Fact-a-thon 2016

An area of educational focus within the Junior School has been the growth of the students’ mathematical understanding. Our commitment to this area has been seen in the allocation of professional development of staff and resources to build and enhance students’ learning and engagement in mathematics.  We have allocated additional time to mathematics within the timetable and have started to introduce our ‘playground of the mind’ with the provision of greater access to mathematical games such as Chess. We see this as essential to further developing numeracy skills and to show children that mathematics can be fun! We hope to continue to add to our playground and classroom programs.

When thinking about mathematics it is important to ask the question, ‘Do we need to memorise’? I argue this on the grounds that firstly we need to ensure working memory is freed up, secondly to maintain this mental agility to service current daily needs and thirdly because true joy can be had in the ability to recall certain content. Working memory comes into play to enable us to hold multiple pieces of transitory information in our mind where this can be manipulated. Such action and manipulation enables higher order thinking such as critical and creative thinking and problem solving.
This year we will be holding our second St John’s fact-a-thon. We see this as a fun way to:

  • better numeracy skills for individual students
  • build House spirit within an academic forum

Girls and boys are encouraged to focus on their personal best. Each class from Kindergarten to Year 6 has been given a number fact list appropriate for their year level. The students will then be tested on their number fact list over the course of Week 7 (commencing Monday 21 November). Testing will be done in class time by their teacher. The students’ results will contribute to House points for Term 4 and the House with the highest average will participate in a House reward activity such as a Pool Party.

Class teachers will work in class with students but will also allocate some addition Homework time as fluency occurs through repeated practice on a daily basis. We hope that all students achieve their goals.

Communication with parentscomputerPic

St John’s continually reevaluates the effectiveness of their communication with the community. The school diary is the best form of daily correspondence with your child’s class teacher. The newsletter is an important information source for important dates and school events. A phone call to Reception (STJ can be contacted directly from 8am on 6774 8737) can also assist parents with understanding the term calendar that was sent home at the beginning of the term. Downloading the NEGS School Days App is another way parents can keep up to date with events. Regular emails from staff to parents also ensure that weekly schedules and changes to routine are provided. Schools are busy places. It is the nature of a dynamic institution that dates change and new initiatives are pursued. We would like to make sure parents have the information that they would like about their child’s education experience.

Term 4 events to add to your calendar

  • 14 October Primary swim and Survive begins
  • 28 October Year 5 Far Out Science Excursion
  • 28 October Assembly – 3/4 presenting
  • 31 October Infants Swimming Week
  • 5 November Year 2 Sleepout!
  • 3 November Transition and Kindergarten Orientation #3 – new date!
  • 11 November Year 7 Orientation
  • 11 November Year 5 lead Assembly
  • 24 November Transition and Kindergarten Orientation #4
  • 29 November K – 12 Assembly – K – 2 presenting
  • 29 November Transition Celebration of Learning
  • 1 December K – 6 Celebration of Learning and Carols
  • 2 December St John’s Xmas Family Pool Party (after school)
  • 5 December St John’s Activities Day
  • 6 December End of Term 4

Year 2 will enjoy an overnight experience at the Year 2 Sleep out!! So exciting to have an overnight adventure at NEGS on the 5 November.

The Year 7 Orientation program will be held in Term 4.  A day of activities will be held on 11 November in the Senior School and girls will be invited to a Girls Night In!

Transition students will celebrate their year at a Transition Graduation Ceremony. This will be held on 29 November at St John’s.

A Celebration of Learning will be held for Kindergarten to Year 6 on 1 December at 6pm. This will be a wonderful way to congratulate our young learners and afterwards share in a Junior School Carol Service in the NEGS chapel. All students are expected to attend this formal school event.

All St John’s students will be excited to hear that plans are afoot for the Activities Day at the end of the year. This will take place on Monday, 5 December. Plans are in the making for an exciting day.