K / 1 Classroom news

Mrs Geraldine Vanzella

K/1 Term 4

This term Kindergarten and Year 1 have been exploring Light and Sound as part of the world around us in our unit Look! Listen!

The class have investigated sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how light and sound travel. Kindergarten and Year 1 have enjoyed engaging in hands on activities to explore how sound is produced and travels.


This term the students have also enjoyed learning about the needs of plants in our class STEM unit. In small groups Kindergarten and Year 1 have experimented with growing seeds in the dark and in sunlight to record the differences and to identify what plants need to grow. They have also investigated and experimented with soil, sand and mulch to discover what makes a good soil environment for plants to grow. We may have some budding scientists at St John’s.