News from the Principal

Ms Mary Anne Evans
NEGS Principal

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In keeping with the need to make our communication system easier and more streamlined, we are hoping everyone in the NEGS community will appreciate our new look newsletter.

The Higher School Certificate is in full swing, and the girls are finding the examinations exactly what they had prepared for. We continue to wish them well during this time.

Mrs Thomas, five students and myself, have just returned from the Round Square International Conference, held at Aiglon College, Switzerland. The Conference hosted over 500 students, with Heads and Round Square representatives, from all around the world. The theme for this years conference was, “The Journey That Makes Us”. There were many inspirational speakers, one of whom was Colonel Al Worden, an astronaut who travelled to the moon in the Apollo 15.  At 84 years of age, his was a true journey that made him. I will elaborate more upon these lectures, throughout the term.

Round Square was founded in 1966, and it maintains and facilitates a worldwide network of 160 schools in 40 countries. These schools share a holistic approach to learning built around six IDEALS of learning. 

These IDEALS are:


Membership of the Round Square network offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, along with structured opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded peers around the world. NEGS’ membership to Round Square, continually provides opportunities for our girls.

Looking forward to an exciting Term 4.