Mrs Angela Sole

Mrs Angela Sole

Director of Student Wellbeing Mrs Angela Sole

As we commence the school year, all students have now spent quality time getting to know their Tutors and Year Advisors and have been encouraged to nominate a “person” who is there for them  to turn to when they have any issues of concern. Our students are encouraged to seek help and support from their teachers and parents.

Our students all have access to a dedicated Moodle site called “Student Wellbeing@ NEGS” which lists strategies, tips and websites that have been carefully selected to assist teenagers in all manner of Wellbeing concerns that may arise.



In Week 2 all took active part in a Study Skills Session run by Elevate Education on Monday 6th February.
Year 7 engaged in the “Study Skills Kick Start” session to support them in their transition to Senior School. They covered how to organise their time, make effective notes in class, summarising skills and how to stay on track of their work.

The Year 8 session “Junior Time Management” helped the girls organise their weekly homework timetables as well as planning ahead to manage handing in well researched Assessments on time.

Years 9 and 10 worked on learning the more detailed skills required when carrying out research work in Stage 5 courses.

Year 11 investigated “Student Elevation” including the beliefs of the peak performing student, adopting a growth mindset and goal setting.

The Year 12 topic “Ace your Exams” was well received by our HSC students- comments heard about this session included “This has helped me to re-focus on concentrating on my plan of attack for this year of study” and “I feel more motivated to plan effectively this year to relieve any stress!”.
Student Activity Pack

Students gained access to the Elevate support website through a unique username and password following their Elevate session. contains a range of resources including:

  • A copy of Elevate’s best selling guide, Science of Student Success written by the company’s founder, Doug Barton.
  • The book retails in bookstores for $20 but is FREE for Elevate clients. It is available to download in PDF mode under the tab ‘Books’
  • A range of practice papers for each subject
  • Video tutorials
  • Tips from presenters all around Australia who have recently aced and faced their final years of high school Question forum that allows students to have support even after their Elevate session

To access the online website students (and parents) can use the following username and password:

Go to
Enter username STUDENT
Type in password pacco