Years 7 & 8 AIME day at UNE, 25th November

Janine with Chloe Brain Year 7

Janine Widders-Lockwood with Chloe Brain Year 7

Last week, Chloe Brain and I were given the opportunity to go out to the UNE and experience the AIME Program. When we got there we were split into a Year 7 and Year 8 group. There was a mixture of boys and girls from a range of all different schools around the New England.

I had to attend many activities with my group and I enjoyed every bit of it! I learnt a lot about David Unaipon, he is one of the faces on an Australian 50 dollar note. David Unaipon is an Indigenous Australian that wrote, invented and he was a preacher. I learnt how he invented sheep shears and helicopter blades. He had a good thought from his traditional culture of making helicopter blades like a boomerang. At the start of our day we got working booklets that we needed to work on throughout the day. In the book there was a timeline of special times that has happened since the 1770s (when Captain Cook arrived ) to 2016 ( Today). I found a lot of the key events on the timeline very interesting for example, 1959 Margaret William Weir was the first indigenous graduate to finish university, 1971 Neville Bonner was the first aboriginal to become a member of the Federal Parliament and 2008 there is almost 30,000 aboriginal university graduates. We also learnt about goal setting and characteristics.

At the end of the day we had some people get awards and I was one of them. One of my mentors Patrick said he was very impressed with the outcomes I achieved and I could be a Prime Minister if I wanted to.

Overall it was a fantastic day. I could go back in a heartbeat. Thank you to Mrs Sole who took Chloe and I, we loved it!