Science @ NEGS

On Tuesday 22nd November, our Year 9 students were fortunate enough to attend a workshop offered by Engineering Without Borders. This program is the initiative of UNSW and aims to introduce engineering to regional students in a relevant and engaging way. The activities are all designed with a humanitarian focus.

In the first activity, the girls had to design wind turbines for a wind farm. The objective was to produce a wind turbine that lit up the most LED lights when connected to a circuit (just like the real thing!) whilst being aesthetic and constructed from the least amount of materials. Team ‘Turbo’ took out his challenge with a total of 14 points.

The second activity focused on the floating houses of Cambodia. Students had to construct a ‘house’ which could not only float but hold a maximum number of marbles. They could only choose from common household materials such as straws, balloons, foil, glad wrap, cardboard, paddlepop sticks, sticky tape and plastic cups.The winning group’s construction held 54 marbles before it sank!

Hopefully we have some budding engineers as a result of this workshop and we would like to thank the student volunteers from UNSW for bringing this fabulous opportunity to our students.