Mrs Angela Sole

Mrs Angela Sole

Year 10 Will Shine!

This week Year 10 are participating in a week of various opportunities including a First Aid Course, Careers advice and completing “All my Own Work”. The girls are also participating in the ‘ShineGIRL’ program. ShineGIRL is about equipping girls with the knowledge and skills to discover who they are and the person they want to become. It also hopes to offer girls new, proactive positions to co-construct stories of identity in which they discover a new language to speak about what they value and treasure in their lives, and to state their hopes and preferences.

This program encourages participants to find the strength and courage within themselves to make healthy choices and live life to their full potential. The program is not aimed at stereotyping what girls should be like or how they should behave, but using a holistic approach, it reinforces that every girl is different  and has different strengths, qualities and skills.

ShineGIRL takes a strengths based approach inspiring the girls to grow and change by using their strengths as a personal resource.  It applies experiential learning to purposefully engage participants through direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop problem solving skills and clarify concepts. The program also focuses on developing emotional intelligence- to understand yourself and to understand others, including their feelings.

The program will run each day, culminating in a special High Tea for the girls on Friday. The sessions will be facilitated by Catherine Curtin,  Angela Sole,  Josh Cohen, Tim Forgeard, Stephanie Thomas  and Arlene Fletcher.

Congratulations to our Year 6 students.

Best wishes to our Year 6 students as they prepare for an exciting new stage in their education as Secondary School students in 2016. The Secondary teachers enjoyed engaging with the girls and are looking forward to teaching them in 2017.
Wishing you a safe and blessed Christmas and holidays.