Year 11 Biology and Senior Science Class

Thalgarrah Excursion
On Monday and Tuesday of Week 4, Year 11 Biology and Senior Science students undertook a field study of the woodland ecosystem at Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre. This is a syllabus requirement for their Preliminary studies.

The girls started off the day in the classroom learning all about woodland environments, adaptations, energy flow and human impacts on ecosystems. They even got a visit from an Eastern Bearded Dragon. They then headed out into the woodland armed with a GPS to find the location of hidden message sticks, all bearing information about the relationships between species.

After recess, the girls completed a transect and quadrat analysis and measured the abiotic variables along the transect. Following lunch, it was back to the classroom to collate results. The girls worked so hard that they even had some spare time at the end of the day to meet Yamba, a coastal carpet python. This was indeed a highlight for many.