Head of St John’s – Week 4

Ms Shannon Rosewood

Ms Shannon Rosewood

Positivity and St John’s

We had a fantastic time at the disco and were so pleased with the attendance of our families at the P and F meeting. The Mother’s Day stall was another success story for our volunteer parents. St John’s values the partnerships we hold within our school community and also amongst the town of Armidale.  Service projects, wellbeing initiatives and charity fundraisers are a part of how we contribute.


IMG_4673In our playground we will be focusing on good sportsmanship over the coming weeks.  Identifying the behaviours that make a shared game fun or frustrating will be our first step. Encouragers, fun players, helpers and gracious winners will ensure that everyone has a great time. The arguer, victim, sulker and bragger are roles that students sometimes play. Captain Positive may be a special surprise visitor to our playground.  


In Transition, Mrs McCann and Mrs Moore, work tirelessly to make learning fun, engaging and meaningful. The recent morning tea for Mother’s Day – ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ was a prime example of how staff considers the family as essential to student wellbeing. 


Miss Pracy is working with Ken Thompson Lodge to link our students with residents who would like a pen pal, and Mrs Ford connects with Autumn Lodge. This Service-learning activity will enhance our students’ literacy skills and work on empathy and compassion at the same time.

Ms Pracy is currently raising awareness of Cancer through her ‘Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser. We have decided to move the event to Term 3 so we can consider the inclusion of our residents from Autumn Lodge and Ken Thompson Lodge. We feel this would make it an extra special event.

We are currently organising our bike day. The Tour de St John’s is an amazing day and will raise funds for our school and a local charity – Tour de Rocks. Mrs McCann is also the brains behind our vegie patch and is keen to hear from any parents who would like to weed the garden whilst waiting for pick up. The Garden Club will be commencing with a lunchtime weeding frenzy next week.

Mathematics Games

This term Year 5 and 6 students will be participating in the NSW Mathematics Games. 

The aim of the Maths Games is:

  • To introduce students to important mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies and develop flexibility for problem solving
  • To foster creativity and ingenuity and strengthen intuition
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and enjoyment for mathematics
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Students will be invited to compete individually (registered player) or as a team in small class groups. All girls and boys will benefit from the challenges set in the competition regardless of ability as it is discussion and collaboration that will improve engagement in Maths. 

Here is a sample question from last years Maths Games for parents to ponder…

I am building a 50-metre-long wire fence along one side of a straight road. The wires will be attached to posts, which are set into the ground at 5 metre intervals. To begin with there are no posts along this stretch of road. How many posts do I need to construct this fence?

Hiro baked a batch of bread rolls. He gave one-third of the batch to his neighbour, and then ate two of the rolls himself for lunch. He had ten rolls left. How many bread rolls had he baked?


Our classes are also starting to ponder the big questions of Mathematics. Transition’s inquiry on ‘Bigness’ has led to an exploration of the size of sharks and whales. Measuring our environment is one way that they are fascinated by the representation of numbers in their lives.


STEM Club has proved to be immensely popular. Who can build the tallest ballon tower was lots of fun! New members are welcome. 

National Simultaneous Storytime is held annually by the Australian Library and Information Association. Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country.


By facilitating National Simultaneous Storytime we aim to;

  • promote the value of reading and literacy;
  • promote the value and fun of books;
  • promote an Australian writer and publisher;
  • promote storytime activities in public libraries and communities around the country;
  • provide opportunities to involve parents, grandparents, the media and others to participate in and enjoy the occasion.

This year NSS takes place on Wednesday 24 May at 10am. The Infants and Transition staff will be sharing The Cow Tripped over the moon by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood. A presentation of the story will be a highlight of the event.  Mrs McCann will play the leading role of narrator, supported by the talented cast of the Infants staff.


Eisteddfod News   Eisteddfod 2017

Congratulations to Dimity Chalmers

Piano Solo 20th/21st Century (AMEB Grade 3 standard) – 1st

Piano duet/trio (11yrs & under) – 1st (with Nicole Tarrent, Ben Venue School)

New England Piano Age Championship (12yrs & under) – 3rd

Piano Solo (12yrs & under) – 3rd

K-6 Composition – 3rd (with Eloise Gooch)

A lot of hard work – she was very happy with the results


Upcoming events

16/17 May Armidale Eisteddfod

17 May PSSA Cross Country Carnival

19 May Assembly (Year 1/2 presenting)

22 – 24 May Year 5/6 Leadership Camp

24 May National Simultaneous Storytime

26 May 3 – 12 Athletics Carnival (T – 2 100m events only)

2 June Assembly (Year 3/4 presenting)

7 June Armidale Eisteddfod

8 June Tour de St John’s

9 June Student free day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)

12 June Queen’s Birthday

16 June Public Speaking Competition

20 June NEGS and St John’s Wellbeing Day. K – 12 Assembly (Kindergarten presenting)

21 June A Night of Music (evening event for Years 3 to 6)

22 June Term 2 concludes

23 June Staff Day (contact Reception for Child Care availability)

8 September Grandparents’ Day

9 September Spring Fair

14 September Matinee St John’s Musical – Snow White

15 September Evening performance St John’s Musical – Snow White