Boarding @ NEGS – Week 4

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Boarding @ NEGS

Welcome to Term 3. It is the night before I leave to attend part of the ICPA National Conference in Alice Springs and a visit to Mt Riddock station, the Cadzow’s family property. For a girl from the city I am looking forward to the next couple of days. Now I am returning when completing my article and what an amazing experience. Thank you to the Cadzow family and all involved in the ICPA conference and the Hart’s Range races, camp-draft and rodeo. Everyone I met was hard working, generous and caring and what amazing resilience and stamina they all have.


As the Year 12s are in the beginnings of their Trial examinations, some are also balancing their co curricular activities such as IGSSA hockey and netball, and equestrian events and competitions. It is timely for us to remind the girls that Prep time of an evening is the best time for them to consolidate, revise and get ahead in their school work. Especially the students who have commitments in many areas of their lives. The girls are fortunate to have staff to supervise them who are tertiary qualified and therefore have the skills to assist them in their studies. Please encourage your daughters to ask for assistance when needed. The Prep and academic staff communicate regularly in order to support the boarders in their studies.


Weekend activities have started and although Week 1 was a little lacking in participants, Week 2 Golf on a Sunday seemed like a great choice. I think the girls not only got some fresh air and exercise, their ribs must have been hurting from all the laughing that was going on as well. Mr Flynn offered to take a groups of girls to a local rugby match on Saturday where they were able to gain some insight on how to improve their game next time they play. Thanks Mr Flynn!


A reminder to families that Travel information is due to Miss Hayley Sommerville ( by the end of Week 5 (August 18th). If you are needing transport for friends who are day students please book them through this form (at a cost) as well. Note that we return on Sunday 8th October. This is the travel day provided by SSTS who provides the free travel for boarding students.


All boarders seemed to have settled into their term and busy with all their commitments. If you are returning your daughter/s to school on a Sunday evening or any evening you are more than welcome to join us for dinner in the dining hall. Please just let the Boarding Staff know during the day and we would love to see you there.


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