Boarding @ NEGS – Week 4

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas


Armidale has definitely been putting on its best weather over the last couple of weeks. The boarders are in full swing now after the first three weeks of term. Their academic and co- curricular activities are keeping them busy and happy and it is great to see many girls racing off from the houses of an afternoon to sport, Cattle Club, riding lessons, tennis, aerobics, indoor hockey, rowing and the many more opportunities that NEGS have to offer.

Week 3 provided a number of opportunities for families to spend time with their daughters – the Father/Significant male role model and Daughter Dinner and the Annual Swimming carnival. I am very fortunate in my role in boarding to experience those proud ‘parent’ moments with the girls in boarding. The girls presented themselves admirably at both these occasions – from the stylish way they dressed on Thursday night to the way they supported each other at the swimming carnival. Another proud parent moment happened at the Cinema under the Stars activity where before the movie began a group of Year 8 students decided to start up a game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and involved many toddlers from the public. It was a balmy evening where popcorn and fairy floss were enjoyed by most whilst watching “The Secret Life of Pets”.

Roller skating was a hit on the weekend with 39 students hitting (sometimes literally) the skating rink at the Armidale Sport and Rec Centre. Thank you to all the girls who attended – it sounded like a lot of fun.

Boarders’ Parent Group

This group met during lunch at the Swimming carnival where the AGM was held and the general meeting for the beginning of the year. A more detailed email will be sent out soon with more details about how this group works and how you can get involved.

St Peter’s Cathedral – Armidale

St Peter’s have invited NEGS to join their services throughout the year for those students interested in finding out what going to church is all about or to continue to explore their own beliefs. The first service where boarding students will be invited to attend is on Sunday, 18th March. More information to come in regards to this opportunity.


The Armidale Autumn Festival is being held on Saturday, 17th March. It is always a great celebration for Armidale which includes a parade through the streets downtown. Organisations and schools participate in this parade and at the end there is a fair and stalls to enjoy. This will be a CLOSED WEEKEND for boarders until 2.00 PM on Saturday.


Mrs Stephanie Thomas, Director of Boarding