Boarding @ NEGS – Week 6

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Boarding @ NEGS

It is the day after the final HSC Exams for 2017. Mrs Garrad and I have farewelled the last of the boarders and Year 11 transition to Year 12 boarders in Week 6. I have been very fortunate to receive many thank you cards and letters from a number of students in Year 12. It is not necessary, but lovely to read comments such as, ‘thanks for everything you’ve done in boarding’, ‘thank you for your continual dedication to boarding’ and ‘there are so many things I am so thankful of from you.’ A ‘ thank you’ is a gesture of acknowledgement and being grateful. As the end of the year gets closer and closer it is timely that we all think about thanking someone, anyone.


I would like to thank the wonderful girls who were in boarding at the end of Week 3 and endured another one of Mrs Thomas’ ‘compulsory fun’ activities with a trip to Dangar Falls. Mrs Gibson, Mrs Middleton and the Gap students were good sports in providing additional supervision. The girls came across a few wiggly things, ‘fell’ in the water and were able to soak up some Vitamin D.




Thank you to the parents and guardians who share their daughters with us here at NEGS and entrust us to take care of them.  Most of you are aware that I have two sons so ‘girl time’ is not something that happens often in my household, but being surrounded by girls in boarding I therefore have opportunities to have this ‘girl time’. The movie,’ The Mountains Between Us’ was another opportunity the boarders were given to have some off campus time.





With all of the above news the final piece of news is there is certainly growing excitement for the Gold Coast Trip the weekend of the 24th – 26th November. Wet n Wild here we come!!!!


Director of Boarding

Mrs Stephanie Thomas