Boarding News – Week 2

Mrs Stephanie Thomas

Boarding at NEGS

A BIG welcome back to all the boarders and their families. After speaking with some of the girls this evening at dinner it sounds like alot of sleeping and rest was achieved. They deserved it. With the weather warming up and the shortest term in full swing Term 4 will be finished before we know it.

Term 4 weekend activities were emailed to all families and students during the week and you will have also received information about the Annual Gold Coast Trip which was mentioned at the beginning of the year and a ‘Save the Date’ went out last term. This is a closed weekend for all boarders to attend and day students are invited as well. Within this newsletter there is an additional copy of this information and permission note.

Please return to me and confirm your payment by Friday October 27th.


Gold Coast Permission Note



Celebrating diversity in our boarding community and the idea of strengthening relationships within boarding have been suggested 2018 goals made by some of the Year 11 students.

This began on the Old Girls’ Weekend where each of the boarding houses were provided with a small map of Australia to place a pin of where each student came from. Some of the boarding houses are now developing this concept as well as the idea of celebrating diversity.

In White House Ms Peacock and the students have begun to dedicate their main pin board in the foyer to celebrating who lives in the house and some interesting points about them. By the end of the term we should see a very full pin board.



In Saumarez, Ms Garrad is celebrating women in society to provide the seniors with some inspiration for their futures.


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the Year 12 boarders all the best with their HSC exams. Many of them have returned to boarding in Week 1, with a great deal of commitment to their studies. I am sure they will be relieved when it is all over.


Mrs Stephanie Thomas
Director of Boarding