Head of Junior School – Week 2

Mr Andrew Travers

Mr Andrew Travers

Dear Parents and Careers

Welcome back to Term 3. I hope and trust you all had a happy and safe holiday and are looking forward to a busy and rewarding term ahead.

I especially wish to welcome to NEGS Junior School our new students and families,

  • Evie Lawlor                         Transition
  • Connor Rowbottom            Transition
  • Evie Riggall                          Transition
  • Adelaide Scanlon                 Year 1
  • Olivia Colyvas                     Year 1
  • Kevin Tighe                         Year 2
  • Alexander Scanlon               Year 4
  • Rose McBride                     Year 5
  • Nina O’Sullivan                Year 5
  • Annabelle Chua                   Year 6
  • Rebecca Reid                       Year 6
  • Katherine Edwards              Year 6

As you will be aware International students have been a part of our NEGS student community for many years and we currently host students from all over the world. NEGS provides a safe, rural environment in which our international students can study and visit.

At NEGS Junior School it is with enthusiasm that I advise that for one week only our Junior School will host, on two separate occasions, a small group of Chinese students. I envisage this to be a wonderful experience for both NEGS Junior School students and the students from China.

Our classes and school routines will of course continue as normal, but we will be joined in some classes by our visiting students, so they can experience what it is like to be educated in a respected and admired 21st century school environment in rural Australia. This will be both an amazing experience for NEGS Junior School students and also for the visiting Chinese students, who mostly have never left their homeland China or even their home Province. They will bring their different culture to NEGS, as well as wanting to learn more about our Australian way of life and our educational environment. Their knowledge of English will be small, but how fortunate for us that NEGS students are currently studying Mandarin. It will be a momentous experience both culturally and educationally for us all as we make our new friends welcome and extend our learning opportunity.

This is our coldest term in Armidale and I stress that the children should come dressed for warmth, they can remove blazers etc. when they are greeted with the warmness of their classrooms.

Exciting news from the Senior School during the holidays was an invitation from Rugby NSW to NEGS Senior School Rugby 7 team to play at halftime during the recent Waratahs / Brumbies game at Allianz Stadium in Sydney. NEGS played against Calrossy and enjoyed a victory, it was indeed a wonderful experience for all the girls (as well as their coaches Mr. Flynn and myself). NEGS is confirming its place as a School of academic, sporting and cultural proficiency.

We have many events planned for this term including the IPSHA Music festival in Sydney, Grandparents’ Day and the Junior School Equestrian Day for all students (date TBC).

I hope you all have a great term.

Kind Regards

Mr Andrew Travers

Head of NEGS Junior School