Head of Junior School – Week 4

Ms Shannon Rosewood

Ms Shannon Rosewood

2017 ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Mrs Catherine McCann as she has been nominated for the prestigious ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards Award for 2017. ASG’s National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) Foundation was established in 1994 to honour exemplary teaching throughout Australia and New Zealand. For more than 23 years, these awards have provided communities with the opportunity to formally recognise and thank outstanding teachers and leaders.

Mrs Catherine McCann

Mrs Catherine McCann

Congratulations Mrs McCann! Thank you to the parents who were willing to take the time to nominate Catherine. St John’s is very fortunate to have such a supportive community.

A healthy eating pattern

At St John’s we take the responsibility of children’s nutrition and physical activity seriously. Daily fitness, PE and Sport are a big part of our wellbeing program. As the provider of students’ daily nutritional needs for five days out of seven, we believe that children’s food choices are also a major factor in learning and brain development. As we would with academic and curriculum programming, we make choices for children that are in their best interests and will lead to good habits in the future. At NEGS we can help our students build healthy foundations by encouraging a love of good food and good nutrition through assisting children to make appropriate choices in the dining room at lunchtime. We believe this is our responsibility as a food provider and a school that supports the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus. Also, as a registered non-government school we must also have in place, and implement policies and procedures to provide for, and monitor, students physical well-being and development. This includes supplying food that meets the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

An eating pattern that includes a variety of foods from across the food groups will provide children with the range of nutrients and fuel they need. This means:

  • Eating plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits
  • Eating plenty of cereals (preferably wholegrain), including bread, rice, pasta, and noodles
  • Including lean meat, fish, poultry and/or alternatives
  • Including milk, yogurt and cheese


Children are provided with ‘amber’ foods occasionally such as cake and biscuits, but the majority of their diet should come from good, healthy and nutritious food or ‘green’ foods. Fruit is always available and students may have as many serves of healthy choices as they would like.


Maths Investigation projects

Congratulations to Transition for their Maths Investigation project that was entered into the Mathematics Association of NSW competition.

Transition entered their project – How to discover the bigness?
The mathematical inquiry was stimulated by a child’s question “What is the bigness of a giraffe?” This question then sparked a number of other questions which is the simple beauty of inquiry projects – questions provided by children lead us the weird and wonderful places of discovery and experimentation and eventually we find answers. It is the journey where the learning happens.

The children were supported to find the answers to questions via researching the internet and books as well as hands on experimentation. The Transition class measured informally and formally, estimated, guessed, graphed, weighed, counted, made an enormous seven metre cardboard shark and even asked the big kids to help out with one of their puzzling questions.  They discussed big, bigger and biggest which is extremely important for this age group. We can’t wait to see the results of the competition, however, we know that the Transition class are already winners as they are building their life-long  tool box.


Personal development in Year 5/6

This term, Years 5 and 6 are studying the unit ‘Growing and Changing’ in Personal Development and Health. Ms Pracy will be talking to the girls about puberty in Week 6. 

Please be aware that your child may have further questions they may like to discuss with you after the session or share the information they have learnt. If you have any questions about the content being covered, please contact Ms Pracy.


Homework Centre

Our Homework Centre is a source of great pride to St John’s. Miss Emma’s ability to work with children at the end of a long day at school is masterful.  How does she manage to balance games and fun with learning support and consolidation?  Regular users of the Homework Centre would agree that we are very lucky indeed. We are also fortunate to have Senior Girls and Gap students assisting the children. Peer leadership is developed through so many ways and helping a young child with their home reader is certainly a valuable leadership quality. A big thank you to our NEGS buddies!

We also welcome four new Gap students to St John’s this term. Welcome to Alex, Jasmin, Carolin and Sarah.



Book Day 24 August

It’s exciting that Book Week is getting closer. Don’t forget to start thinking about your costume. Come as your favourite character or Alice in Wonderland theme.

Seeking Mystery Readers for the day!  Do you have a favourite story book that you would like to share with the children? Mums, Dads or Grandparents are invited to St John’s on the morning of Book Day to read the children a short story or poem. We will be positioning the readers around the Junior School so the children can seek out the mystery readers.


Our Biggest Morning Tea

MadhatterOur Biggest Morning Tea – ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ will also be a fundraiser for the Cancer Council and we will be seeking donations of cupcakes and slices for the stall. We hope to share this special day with parents and friends. The recent loss of our Director of Studies, Kay Hiscox, makes this day especially important for NEGS.CancerCouncil_logo




2018 Orientations

Term 3 will bring Transition and Kindergarten experience days so we encourage all families who are interested in St John’s for their children to contact Enrolments on 6774 8700.

Explore NEGS will be theme of these incursion days and Mrs Nixon and Mrs McCann are already planning fun and exciting activities. Our current students will attend these days in either Kindergarten or Transition depending on their enrolment intentions for 2018.

  • Wednesday 9 August – Explore St John’s. 9am to 11 am
  • Friday 1 September – Explore St John’s. 9am to 11
  • Thursday 26 October – Explore St John’s. 9am to 11 am
  • Wednesday 15 October – Transition and Kindergarten Orientation Day


Upcoming events

  • 9 August Explore NEGS
  • 10 August Pie Drive
  • 18 August Assembly 3/4 presenting
  • 22 August Science Day
  • 24 August Book Day and Biggest Morning Tea
  • 8 September Grandparents’ Day
  • 9 September Spring Fair
  • 14 September Matinee – St John’s Musical – Snow White
  • 15 September Evening performance – St John’s Musical – Snow White
  • 21 September Assembly Year 5/6 (Note this is a Thursday)
  • 22 September Staff Day (No Child Care)
  • 9 October Term 4 classes commence