IT Club at UNE for young people with high functioning Autism

Ability Links aims to assist people with disabilities to be valued and equal members of their communities and to help build a society where people with disabilities enjoy inclusive lives in all spheres; community, public, private and social. It does this through linking people to their community.


Ability Links is for:

          People with disability (9-64 years and who are generally not accessing specialist disability services)

          Carers and families of people with disability

          A diverse range of people including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian’s and culturally and linguistically diverse people and communities


If you know of any students within your school that you think may benefit from our service please feel free to refer them onto Ability Links.


Please see attached an Information Sheet about the Autism Spectrum Disorder IT Social Club at the University of New England targeting children and teenagers aged 10 to 17 years.


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