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Mrs Liane Nixon

Mrs Liane Nixon

Kindergarten Teddy Bears Picnic at Thalgarrah

On Friday 3rd November, Kindergarten ventured out of town to the Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

We were welcomed by Sue our teacher for the day and shown a slideshow to give us some background knowledge of the basic needs of living things: P.A.W.S – Plants, Air, Water, Shelter. Students then saw a live animal and discussed its basic needs. It was then time for a yummy morning tea of plants (fruit and vegetable) and water. The students even enjoyed a delicious teddy bear biscuit.

Our Earth Walk was next and we experienced the natural world using our different senses. We created a rainbow using colours from the garden, a ‘wiff’ by smelling parts of plants collected in our plastic cups and heard a concert by listening to the sounds in the bush.

Students then played Teddy Bear Tag to learn about the basic needs of teddy bears and all other animals. They also played Musical Trees to learn how trees can provide important habitat needs for animals.

Finally, it was time to go on a Teddy Hunt by following paw prints through the bush as our teddies had hidden somewhere with our lunch. We discussed the basic needs of living things as we progressed along the trail.

Hooray, we found our teddies and our lunch! It was time to share a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the forest. We had so much fun learning about the basic needs of living things and how people can have a positive effect on the environment.