Learning Support @ NEGS

Mrs Angela Sole

Dear Parents and Families,

Following on from the success of our parent volunteers who assist with the Reading/Writing/Visual Provisions for our Year 12 students in the HSC, we would like to establish a group of volunteers who are willing to generously donate their time to work with students requiring some additional literacy support in exams.

I am writing to you as the Learning Support Coordinator of NEGS, to ask if you may be interested in assisting some of our girls who are eligible to have a Reader or Writer to support them in their exams or in-class assessments?

Your assistance would be required this term during the Year 7 & 8 exams (6th-10th November) and Year 9 & 10 exams (13th-17th November).

The exams for these students range in length from 1 hour to 2 hours and are held in the library.

You may like to act as Reader for one student for each of the exams that they require a Reader (approx.3-4 exams), or you may have time to only help out once in the exam period.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated either way.

With new legislation, it is required that you would undertake the ‘Working with Children Check- volunteer’- a free online check.

Mrs Amy Layton would assist you in completing this check <>.

If you feel that you may be able to help at some time, I can add your name to a “volunteer’s bank of names”.

Please let me know of your interest in helping, together with your best contact details (email or phone), and days/mornings/afternoons of the week you can assist.

It is an incredibly rewarding act of service, and the girls very much appreciate your care and help.

I will give you plenty of notice of times when we require volunteers for these exams.

Thank you for your consideration of this assistance- please email me your reply <>.

Kind regards, Mrs Angela Sole