Mathematics, Science and Agriculture Department – Week 6

Women on Mars at NEGS

Week 5 was National Science Week and 7B ICT were fortunate enough to watch a live event using the school’s video conferencing facilities. Hosted by UNSW at the Sydney Opera House, the session was titled ‘The Journey to Mars Begins’ and featured four young Australian women who are leaders in their scientific fields.

Professor Emma Johnston, UNSW Dean of Science and a leading marine ecologist, carries out her research in diverse environments including the Great Barrier Reef, Antarctica and Sydney Harbour. She spoke of exploring life under the ocean and the effects of climate change on the world’s oceans that she is witnessing first hand.

Tara Djokic, a UNSW PhD student who recently discovered the oldest fossil evidence of land-based life on Earth in the Pilbara in Western Australia, spoke about this amazing discovery. Kirstin Banks, an indigenous UNSW science student talked about Aboriginal astronomy. Solange Cunin, a UNSW Aerospace Engineering student and co-founder of the Cuberider (a STEM education program that brings access to space to the classroom), spoke about the recent Australian payload that went to the International Space Station.

The scientific journeys that each of these women have taken are varied but they all had one thing in common to say and that was to follow a path with purpose and to choose your passion, which was inspirational for the girls. This was an exciting opportunity to hear top scientists discuss their careers, why they chose to study science at university and outline their great discoveries and innovations. Not only that, it was fantastic to see what young Australian women are accomplishing. What a great way to end National Science Week at NEGS!


Miss B Stone

Science/ICT Teacher