Mathematics, Science and Agriculture Department

Science and Coding Results

To celebrate National Science Week, all students from Years 7-10 competed in Education Perfect’s World Series Science Championships. The objective was to accumulate as many points as possible over the course of the week, answering questions from all disciplines of Science. We achieved some fantastic results and congratulations to all who embraced this opportunity and participated with such enthusiasm. In our school category, we ranked 2nd in NSW (out of 73 schools), 5th in Australia (out of 239 schools) and 7th in the world (out of 321 schools). Our global ranking out of ALL schools that participated around the world (1281 schools and 80 000 students) we came 109th! For a small school we certainly punch above our weight. Individual results are as follows:


Credit (top 20% of competitors)


Emma M Year 10

Jaimie M Year 9

Kate E Year 9

Fianna O Year 10

Courtney I Year 9

Taetianna L Year 9


Bronze (top 10% of competitors)


Jorja M Year 9

Francisca D Year 9

Constanza D Year 7

Megan G Year 10


Silver (top 5% of competitors)


Zara B Year 10

Kate C Year 10


Gold (top 2% of competitors)


Daisy M Year 10

Sophie M Year 10

Chloe D Year 8

Charlotte S Year 9 Highest school point score


This year, 17 students also took part in the University of Sydney’s NCSS Challenge. This is a national competition in the Python programming language. Over the course of 5 weeks, participants were set questions of increasing levels of difficulty and were required to submit their code to the challenge website for online marking.


Many of our girls had never done any coding before and this makes our results particularly pleasing. We had girls compete at both the beginner and intermediate levels.




Sophie S Year 10 Merit

Hannah S Year 9 Credit

Lucia M Year 9 Distinction

Kate E Year 9 High Distinction

Charlotte C Year 9 High Distinction

Maggie H Year 9 Perfect Score

Madeline W Year 9 Perfect Score

Sophie M Year 10 Perfect Score

Grace C Year 9 Perfect Score

Eloise B Year 9 Perfect Score




Charlotte S Year 9 High Distinction

Sophie M Year 10 High Distinction


Miss Stone