Music @ NEGS – Week 4

Mrs Sally Spillane

Mrs Sally Spillane

It is always wonderful when we have a student request a form to take up a musical instrument. The many benefits of playing music or being involved in a musical group cannot be emphasised enough. We always welcome new members to our groups so please encourage your daughter to join one of the ensemble groups at school.

During the school holidays Delta Hawkins-Richardson  from Year 8 participated in the amazing Moorambilla Choir. Moorambilla Voices is a nationally awarded program and seeks at its core to give country students an amazing opportunity to sing, dance and create incredible performances with artists of the highest calibre including Taikoz, Song Company and The Australian World Orchestra. Congratulations to Delta who has participated in this acclaimed choir for the last six years, what an achievement.

We had a wonderful donation of a truly magnificent violin to the NEGS Music department. Many thanks to Mrs Alison Carr who donated this instrument to the School. We will be choosing a principal violinist in the School each year to play this violin, a rare privilege to play an instrument of this calibre.

Yours in Music, Sally Spillane