Music @ NEGS – Week 4

Mrs Sally Spillane

Mrs Sally Spillane

What a wonderful welcome I get when I walk into work on a Monday morning. Saumarez Strings group fill the Music Block with a lovely melodious sound under the expert guidance of Laura Curotta. The guitarists are playing with Arlene Fletcher and the morning is underway.

We have been so pleased with the response from students; Junior Handbell Players fill the room at lunchtime with Mr Oxley and the sound of bells ring through the air as students learn the skills of playing handbells and playing together as part of an ensemble.

All of our Vocal Ensembles throughout the school have made a great start, both Mr Oxley and myself have been impressed by the students and their commitment to singing. It is lovely to work with so many great singers.

Mr Finco has been so impressed with the students who are in the NEGS band. He has organised an exciting and varied repertoire for the girls to learn and we are looking forward to their first performance later on in the term.

The band program has begun for both Stage 3 and Stage 4 students. Students have been working with their many music teachers learning how to play their instrument, how to care for it and how to play together in a group. There has been lots of practise going on which has been very pleasing.

In Stage 4 band time we now have a Handbell group, a Marimba group and a band group. All the students will work in their groups throughout the term and put on a concert at the end of Term 1 so students can see what each group has achieved.

We always have room in our music groups and ensembles to welcome new students so please encourage your daughter to join a music group at school. It is truly beneficial for them.

Yours in music

Sally Spillane