Principal News – Week 4

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Mrs Mary Anne Evans

Dear NEGS Families,

NEGS spirit was shown in a very different way last Wednesday morning, when Mrs Hiscox’s family, friends, colleagues and students celebrated her wonderful life. The respectful and heartfelt manner in which the girls acknowledged Mrs Hiscox’s life and were reverent when listening to the recounts of her marvellous life; where the girls listened in utter silence and in deep reflection which culminated in a guard-of-honour, was a moment when I could not have been prouder.

I would also like to take this time to acknowledge the steadfast resolve of the NEGS staff during Mrs Hiscox’s illness to not only support her, but support your daughters during this difficult time. It was great camaraderie that I have never witnessed before in my professional career and it once again highlights the special place that NEGS is.

Steadfast resolve and resilience was exhibited once again in our successes at IGSSA on the weekend and highlighted significantly with the selection of 10 girls in the State Interschools Equestrian Team – 8 in the NSW team and 2 in the Northern Territory team. These selections  are testament to not only the girl’s hard work but also the outstanding equestrian program at NEGS, led inspirationally by Mr Imti Anees and supported by his wonderful team. Of course we can never forget the integral role of the girls’ parents – financially, emotionally and being the best strappers in the business. Congratulations to all involved.

I would now like to shift focus and ask you, as parents, to contemplate the answers to the following questions:

What happens when you take your daughter’s phone away?

Withdrawal symptoms?

Panic attacks?






Rolling eyes?

Negative body language?




If you answered “yes” to any of these responses, then this article: Parent Guide to Teens, Social Media Secrets and Smartphone Addiction is a ‘must read’ for you.

A ‘yes’ to any of these symptoms means that not only is your daughter addicted to her smartphone she is also at risk of exposure to “….a new cocktail: smart phones laced with media apps. The mix is so potent it can take over your teen’s life and so dangerous it can literally open the door to stalkers”.
I recommend this article to you as we all navigate the new frontier.


Parent Guide to Teens, Social Media Secrets and Smartphone Addiction