Science @ NEGS – Week 6

Science @ NEGS

This term, students have been engaged in a range of activities in Science. Year 7 have been learning all about working safely in the laboratory. They have competed in a laboratory equipment Amazing Race (well done Lyon) and learnt what not to do in the lab. This will culminate in the acquisition of Bunsen Burner licences! There have already been some winners of Miss Stone’s ‘Golden Ticket’, with the recipients earning House points, chocolate and a special hug from ‘Cuddles’.

During Week 4, our Year 8 Science class went indoor rock climbing at Sport UNE as a component of their unit ‘Energy’. There were many ‘high achievers’ as they investigated the difference between gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy. The girls really challenged themselves, especially those with a fear of heights, and it was very encouraging to see how supportive they were of each other.

The iSTEM girls began the term learning how to solder electronic circuits and constructed ‘crickets’. They were meant to chirp in the dark but some found that their crickets preferred the daytime, much to the annoyance of their peers! They are now commencing a design and construction process to produce mousetrap-powered vehicles and kicked off their research into motion by racing remote-controlled cars.