Sport News – Week 6

Mrs Liane Nixon

Mrs Liane Nixon


Go Netball Team

Week 4 – BYE


Week 5

On Saturday our team played Netball and we played Sandon. The score was 20-0. We all played really hard and nothing could stop us from victory. We finally won the game! It was a great success for our Netball team.

Lily Lorimer


Under 13’s

On Saturday we played netball against ACSC. The score was 5 to 37. Even though we lost by a lot, it was still really fun and we tried our best.

Josie Harris



Under 9’s

Week 4

Last weekend, our Under 9’s Hockey team played against TAS Pink and what an awesome game it was! We had the hockey ball on our side of the field for most of the game. The great news is that after two attempts we scored and won the game. The score was 1 to  0. Thanks Team, and Miss Pracy and Lucy for coaching us.

Isabel Onapa and Ruby Harvey-Lynn


Week 5

On Saturday we played under 9’s hockey against PLC.  we had a great game. The score was 0 all so we tied.

In the first half of game PLC got the ball in the goal from outside the circle so it didn’t count which was lucky because then we would have lost.  We had a couple of good attempts at the goal but they stopped it. We all had a great game thank you Mrs Dent and our coach who helped us. thanks to all the other supporters who came and cheered us on. Each game we learn more skills and get better.

Sarah Duarte


Under 11’s

Week 4

On Saturday, The U11 hockey team played the United U11 Hunts. The score was nil all, we still had a great time and played well. Congratulation team! I can’t wait for our next game.

Shyla Clark


Week 5

On Saturday we played hockey and versed PLC. The score was 2 all. It was a great game and we all did our best. Well done Lily and Claire for scoring our goals.

Georgiana Blanchard


Under 13’s

The past fortnight we were lucky enough to be able to play 3 games.

On Saturday the 27th of May we played against United. It was Sophia’s turn as goalie and she did a fantastic job. It was a close game but unfortunately we were defeated. Everyone did a great job especially seen we only had 9 players and the weather was really hot.

Last Thursday 31st May we played PLC at night under the lights. The Girls from PLC were very skilled and had strong defence so unfortunately we were defeated. It was Mackenzie’s turn as goalie who saved lots of goals and she was the warmest person on the field. A big thanks to Blair for coaching and providing us with helpful tips. Our team is starting to work on our passing and hitting out wide.

On our third game of the fortnight Saturday 2nd June we played against Harlies. Unfortunately we were defeated however it was a very close game with the score being 2:1. Thank you to the PLC girls, Polly and Andrew who helped out so we could field a full team. Great job to Bella who scored our goal for the game. We received a free hit the ball went to Bella who ran it up the field and took a shot at the goal however the goalie kicked the ball out Bella grabbed the ball again and took another shot and she had scored. Great job to Ellie and Dimity for strong defence in the back line and putting lots of pressure on the Harlie players. Louisa also did some fantastic defending in the goals.

I am looking forward to training and future games.

Felicity Chapman