TV Series – My Year 7 Life



The most highly anticipated year of a student’s life is also the one that can change the course of their adult psychology forever – the transition into Year 7. Psychologists have discovered that the way we navigate the change from ‘Top Dog’ to ‘Small Fish’ affects how successfully we navigate our entire lives.

My Year 7 Life, a new 18 × 30-minute documentary series, produced by Princess Pictures, focuses on sixteen diverse children from across Australia who are going through this crucial and challenging moment of life.

The series goes straight to the source, getting first-hand accounts from the students of monumental changes taking place over their entire first year of high school. Audiences will discover just how much work still needs to be done in order to relieve the stress and anxiety of this transition.

This series is an incredible resource for educators, parents and students. Activities have been linked to the Australian Curriculum (General Capabilities), the Health and Physical
Education curriculum, and the NSW Stages 3 and 4 PDHPE curriculum.

Our teachers will embed some of the material into our Wellebing & PE Program topics:
• friendships
• resilience
• goal setting

• respectful relationships
• mental health
• wellbeing

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