Year 4 Classroom News – Week 4

Mrs Deanna Ford

Mrs Deanna Ford

Year 4 has started the year with gusto, approaching tasks with a positive mindset and ‘can do’ attitude! Our unit in English this term focuses on perspectives and point of view and we are enjoying Jackie French’s novel Nanberry; Black Brother White. We have looked at a variety of poems and picture books that also ask the students to consider different perspectives.

We are very much looking forward to our camp next week to Lake Keepit. The camp provides a wonderful opportunity to foster current relationships and develop new ones as well enjoy new experiences.


I heard the grass call; I wanted to help

I think the grass wanted me to rain

I shivered excitedly

I wonder if I should sprinkle?

I dropped five light drops

Plop, plop, splat!

I noticed the grass shining.

By Paige P

I wondered; I thought

Does the grass need rain?

It looked like it was going to die!

I let out one little, refreshing rain drop

The grass sucked it up

So I let out a few more… then more

It was like the grass was turning green again.

By Airlie McA

Early morning

Floating cloud

The grass calling, whispering with thirst

The cloud opened up

Ten large, heavy drops

Turned to a light sprinkle

The grass calmed and drank

The cloud smiled

By Bridie W