Year 4 News – Week 6

Mrs Deanna Ford

Mrs Deanna Ford

Year 4 have had a busy first half of Term 2, with eisteddfod performances, PSSA Cross Country and the beginning of winter sports. The students have continued to work with gusto in the classroom, particularly with the “all-important” pen licences being awarded. The quality of handwriting and standard of bookwork has increased substantially as students strive for the privilege of writing in pen!

We are enjoying our new wellbeing kits, thanks to the NEGS P&F. Artworks have focused on highlighting just some of the traits we want to see in our school and Year 4 is making  considerable efforts to be “bucket fillers” and raising the emotional energy of the people around us.

Collaborative learning teams and movement are frequently part of our day and students enjoy opportunities for active learning. We are particularly engaged when learning our times tables, please ask your child to sing their Taylor Swift version of the 6x tables – it’s very entertaining indeed!