Agriculture and Livestock Team

Agriculture and Livestock Team

Agriculture is a significant part of the NEGS student experience from Transition right through to Year 12.

Our Agricultural Facilities Include:

  • Exhibition steer feedlot, complemented by a Charolais breeding herd run off site
  • Dohne and White Suffolk sheep
  • Berkshire pigs and poultry fed sustainably using waste from the school kitchens
  • Vegetable crops and orchard

Student learning is complemented with practical experiences both on and off site and through presentations given by local industry specialists. NEGS commitment to sustainable farming practices is demonstrated not only by our use of kitchen waste to feed our pigs and poultry, but also with the use of manure from our Agriculture Department to fertilise the school campus, and the sharing of produce from our crops within our school community.

In addition to our Agriculture program, our Livestock Team is open to all students from the Junior and Senior Schools. The Livestock Team provides students with the opportunity to enhance self-confidence by working with young, grain-fed stock, prepared and presented in Agricultural competitions by the students.

The Livestock Team also provides students with an excellent basis for development of knowledge agricultural science, through the study of animal behaviour, implications of breeding and feeding on maximising production, targeting markets and the use of technology.

Our Livestock Team is highly successful, winning annual broad ribbons throughout NSW and into QLD. Major competitions each year include the Sydney and Brisbane Royal, Manning Valley Beef Week and the Scone Beef Bonanza.



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