Green Thumbs and Floating Gardens, Year 2


anne-wardYear 2 have enjoyed a very busy week picking fresh vegetables from the St John’s vegetable garden. With wonderful assistance from Mr McCulloch, the school garden has produced an amazing crop of broccoli, spinach and a variety of herbs that the children have been able to pick and take home to enjoy with their families.

This week Year 2 enjoyed a visit from our STEM partner Dr Mary McMillan from UNE. Mary set the children an engineering challenge – using wire, foam, newspapers, cable ties and plastic tubs the children had to create a floating garden. After in depth discussions and trial and error, all groups created, and successfully tested, their floating gardens. After adding soil, the children planted alfalfa seeds and they will now keep a photo diary to record the progress of their gardens.

Thank you Mary for setting such an amazing challenge and well done Year 2.

Mrs Anne Ward