Music News

What a wonderful start the students have made in music this year. Our K-2 choir are busy learning lots of new songs and practising their item Tofa Tafa for the K-12 assembly at the end of term 1. Our Junior Vocal Ensemble has 21 students in the group which is a great start. We are always happy to welcome any student from Year 2-6 who would like to start their day on Wednesday morning with some lovely singing, a wonderful start to the day. Junior Vocal Ensemble are learning a song from the movie Brave called ’Touch The Sky’, they are making their voices soar in unison. Our 3-6 choir are learning a gorgeous song about Winnie The Pooh,they are really doing a fantastic job.

Our 3-6 students are busy in their music lessons learning how to play marimbas, and our Year 5/6 have been learning how to play their chosen instrument through the band program. There are some budding saxophone,clarinet and trombone players which is wonderful to see. It’s important the students practise on their instruments throughout the week so they continue to improve.

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