Music News Wk8

Mrs Sally Spillane

Mrs Sally Spillane

It is lovely to see the students enjoying their music at school. Our K-2 choir are really settled and learning lots of wonderful songs including ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic ‘. Once the K-2 choir have learnt this song we will be having a Teddy Bears Picnic at school,I will let you know when this is happening.Our K-2 choir continue to practise their song ‘Tofa Tafa’ getting ready to perform at the K-12 Assembly in Week 10.

Our St John’s Vocal Ensemble continues to grow in numbers which is fabulous as we think it is a wonderful start to the day singing together.Students are busy learning their songs for the Armidale Eisteddfod which takes place next term. Our 3-6 choir are working so well together learning their songs for the Eisteddfod as well.

Our 3-6 choir are combining with The handbell Players run by Mr Oxley as well as our Senior Vocal Ensemble to perform ’Sing A Joyous Alleluia’ at our combined Easter Chapel service. This will be a lovely performance for the students to participate in.
We will be holding our first Twilight concert for the year on Tuesday evening the 4th April beginning at 6pm in the Assembly Hall.  Some of our Junior school students will be invited to perform at this concert. It will be an entertaining evening showcasing some of the marvellous musical talent within both the Junior and Senior school. A light supper will be provided after the concert which everyone is invited to .

Our 5/6 students are showing pleasing progress in band practise,it is great to hear how many of them are practising their instruments at home .

Finally in music classes students are very busy learning different parts to their pieces for the eisteddfod as well as all the other activities they do in music. A big thank you to Sally Olsen who donated a drum kit to our music room so  our budding drummers can practise their parts.

Yours in music Sally Spillane