NEGS Equestrian – Wk6

Mr Imtiaz Anees

Mr Imtiaz Anees

Sydney International Equestrian Centre

NEGS took 9 students to the first one day event of the season at Sydney International Equestrian Centre. It was an absolutely fantastic event that was run brilliantly by Sydney International Horse Trials Committee. They did a great job, despite some damaging weather.

Jaimie McElroy had a super weekend with her two horses, HH Hawke and Sacred Tune. HH Hawke was in the CNC 1 *, finishing 2nd in the Juniors and 7th overall. She had a solid dressage test, added one unlucky rail to her score and was double clear on a very tough cross country course. Sacred Tune, aka Kevin was a super star. Jaimie has only had this young TB for a couple of months and is already doing exceptionally well. A solid dressage test, a green rail and a clear and under time cross country lead them to finishing their first EVA80 in 15th position.

Lucy Ramsay was having a super weekend until the second last fence on cross country. She put in a solid dressage test, magnificent clear show jump round and a brilliant cross country ride that was clear and on time until an unfortunate fall. Thankfully both Lucy and her gorgeous horse, Ghost walked away from the accident.

Isabella Arabejo and her beautiful mare, Four Wings Funky Chick had a cracking weekend. They were mid field after the dressage and looking forward to the jumping phases. Unfortunately the Saturday storm hit just as they were in the ring. Isabella kept her together in tough conditions, making it home safely with a couple of rails added to their score. Sunday had perfect cross country conditions which saw them both home with a clear round, finishing in 6th position.

Sarah Wyatt and her ever versatile stock horse, Coolum Jenson brought their A game to SIEC. They put in an excellent dressage test, clear show jump round in the midst of a storm and a clear and speedy cross country round. The new 50 penalty rule that has been introduced for not passing through the flags planted some doubt in Sarah’s mind as her foot knocked one, causing her to circle back to the fence and do it again which lead them to 20 penalties. They still finished in 12th and are looking forward to Scone Horse Trials in a couple of weeks.

Matilda McCarroll was sitting brilliantly after a personal best dressage test with her young horse, Indianna Macca. They followed on with a foot perfect cross country round to leave them in second position. An unlucky rail towards the end of their round lead them to drop down to 7th position in a very competitive EVA95.

Ashleigh Lowe and her TB, Country Song had a lovely dressage test, scoring 73%. She had a springy show jump round that lead to two rails. Her cross country was clear and quick, finishing them in 10th position in the EVA 80.

Our three year 9 students had a wonderful time together. They are the best of friends and are a reminder of what eventing is about. Friendship, laughter and healthy competition. All the girls began the season on new horses which made it even more exciting for them.

Anna Jarvis had an excellent first competition on the wonderful Ollie. She was in second place after dressage and managed to stay there. Double clear for show jumping and cross country is very impressive on a horse she has only been partnered with for two weeks. They are looking forward to moving up to EVA95 at Scone.

Priscilla Clonan has taken the ride on her sister’s horse, Top of the Chart and is doing a brilliant job. Being relativity new to the competition scene, this combination managed the atmosphere and excitement well. She had a good dressage test, clear show jump round and double clear cross country to finish them in 6th position in the EVA80.

Katie Hancock gets the award for most positive person. She and her horse, Anytime rode a solid dressage test and fabulous show jump round in the EVA80. Cross country was a little too exciting for this young combination, causing Katie to have an unscheduled dismount part way around. Katie walked home with a smile and is ready to give it another go at Scone.

It was lovely to have all the girls turned out so well and in such recognisable uniform with the NEGS saddle pads. Having the team stabled together increased the comradely, team spirit and fun of the event, so we thank you for making the effort to be together.

It was wonderful to have the NEGS Head of Department, Imti at SIEC. With some running between rings, he managed to warm everyone up for most of their respective phases.

We were very proud of all the girls this weekend. They were supportive, considerate and caring for one another and showed true sportsmanship. We would like to thank all the girls, parents and horses for making it such a wonderful weekend.

Barrel Racing Bandits

The girls had a great time competing in the barrel racing competition last Tuesday. Britnee Breneger won group 1’s race, 3 seconds ahead of second place.
Grace Brown showed off her speed and style by winning group 2’s race.
Chelsea Devenish really brought her A game to the last round, winning it with second place close behind.
Well done girls!

Caitlyn Croft

Caitlyn Croft

Caitlin Croft at Guyra Show

Yr. 7 student Caitlin Croft had a great time at Guyra Show on her horse, Selena. They came home with plenty of ribbons!

1st           Maiden Galloway Hack

1st           Child’s Galloway Hack U17 yrs.

1st           Pleasure Galloway Hack

1st           Pair of Riders U13 yrs.

1st           Bending Race 11 – 13 yrs.

2nd          Girl Rider 11 – 13 yrs.

2nd          Open Heavyweight Galloway Hack 14.2 – 15h

2nd          Educated Galloway Hack

2nd          Pony Club Mount

2nd          Flag Race 11 – 13 yrs.

2nd          Barrel Race 11 – 13 yrs.


King of the Ranges17103467_711829905643059_8761307117016978420_n17156208_711829908976392_7652161981690251305_n

New England Girls’ School would like to congratulate both Ashley Randle and Madison Teague for their impressive effort at King of the Ranges.

King of the Ranges involves 6 events over 2 days on the same horse, competing against riders of all ages from all over Australia!  Both girls did remarkably well to finish in 4th and 5th position, representing the school with pride.  The versatility of their riding skills and horsemanship was demonstrated extremely well!  The events that they competed in included cross country in a stock saddle, jumping heights from 60cm to 105cm.

Bareback, where they had to compete an obstacle course, stand on the horses back, show flying changes, jump and get a horse over a see saw.

The whip crack event includes jumping up to 20 obstacles while cracking at targets.

Stock handling which involves moving 3 head of cattle around an obstacle within a time limit.

Pack horse which involves packing, leading and unpacking a horse in a limited time.

Last but not least, they had to trim a horse and shape both a front and back shoe.

Both girls did an excellent job in all disciplines and we are very proud of them.


Campdraft Arena

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude and appreciation to all the people that made our dream of a Campdraft arena possible! It wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our supporters! It is anticipated that we will be able to work cattle in the arena on a monthly basis for a whole day on a weekend.

The girls had a fantastic time utilising the arena under the careful guidance of our Campdraft coach, Gloria McCormack.

On this occasion they worked one beast at a time around the arena, learning position on a cow, getting their horses “stopped” and turning with the cow and slowing the horses down.

It was wonderful to see Equestrian Prefect and polocrosse player Josie Wilson having a go as well as dressage and showing rider, Laura Finlay

Georgia Chapman, Chloe Seccombe, Chelsea Devenish and Ashlee Petch were in fine form, tuning up their horses with the cattle.

The two new students, Grace Brown and Grace Schoff looked brilliant on their new horses.

We would like to send out a very big thank you to Tony Menkins from Saltwater Grazing for making available and carting cattle to and from the new purpose built cattle working arena at NEGS on Sunday. The cattle were extremely co-operative and all aspects of the arena worked perfectly from the loading ramp, to the holding yards and the arena itself complete with sand surface.


The Scone Advocate


The Scone Advocate 2


FOUR former Upper Hunter students are set to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Ashley Randle, Bridie Tilse, Madison Teague and Millie Edmonds will head to the USA on March 18 for a two-week educational study tour.

The quartet, who now attend the New England Girls School (NEGS), will take part in masterclass sessions with equestrian specialists, presentations from Olympic greats, and an exclusive meeting with the CEO of one of America’s largest restaurant chains.

Ms. Randle, a Year 11 student, says she is “very excited” ahead of her first big trip overseas.

“Our new instructor [former Olympian and NBC commentator Imtiaz Anees] is from America and decided that he wanted to do a study tour so we can see heaps of different things,” she says.

“I’ve been around horses my whole life and was involved with some clubs around the Upper Hunter before I got a scholarship and moved to NEGS.”

As Head of NEGS Equestrian, Mr. Anees says the tour is part of an ambitious long-plan to put the school on the international map.

 “The girls will meet the team coach for the USA Equestrian team, visit champion stables, and witness cutting-edge technical skills from experts in everything from horse nutrition, to horse sports to equine science,” he says.

“We are also lucky enough to secure a meeting with the CEO of America’s best known restaurant chain, Mr. Dan Cathy, to give the girls insight into what it takes to run a world-class corporation.”

Among the tour schedule highlights are the Winter Equestrian Festival Palm Beach, Kentucky Horse Park, and Million Dollar Grand Prix at HITS Ocala.

Canberra RoyalCanberra 2 Canberra 1

Congratulations to NEGS show team member, Elizabeth Wythes and year 8 student, Bronte Dagg on their efforts at Canberra Royal. Both girls and horses looked absolutely immaculate.
Well done to Elizabeth for placing 2nd in Pony Club rider, 15-17yrs old.

Two NEW Partnerships

Over The TopNew England Girls’ School Equestrian Centre is very excited to announce the new partnership that has formed with Over The Top Yards and Jumping Equipment.

OTT is a very well known company in the horse industry and is recognised for its quality, reliability and consistency, thus, we are very excited about the relationship that is arising.

NEGS is thrilled to have a company on board that is an avid supporter of young riders here in Australia. Karl Steininger, founder and owner of OTT sponsors and supports many different riders in a range of disciplines, ranging from 4* winner Hazel Shannon to New Zealand world cup show jumper, Katie Laurie. He is a big supporter of hard work and dedication which go hand in hand with our girls here at NEGS.
Thanks to Karl from OTT, NEGS Equestrian Centre has 18 new sets of standards, allowing us to have a second show jump ring down on cross country. In order to progress and lift our calibre, OTT is sending us a full set of competition designed jumps, with the first three already on their way.

We are thrilled that one day, we will be able to have an entire course of competition designed show jumps with the hope to host an OTT show jumping series.

In order to showcase OTT products in the New England region, NEGS will now be a base for OTT products.
We would like to extend a very big thank you to Karl for being so supportive of all of us here at NEGS! We are excited to announce this new partnership and see how far we can go.



New England Girls’ School Equestrian Centre is thrilled to have formed a partnership with TuffRock Australia.
TuffRock is the leading brand for poultice in the equestrian industry, ensuring product quality and reliability.

NEGS has been fortunate enough to secure this relationship that will enable us to stock both Poultice and Gastro-Intestinal Liquid, here at the EC.
TuffRock operates in the global animal health markets developing and manufacturing effective, natural and safe volcanic products. In these products, the energy contained within volcanic minerals is harnessed to achieve revolutionary results. Tuff Rock applies proprietary technology to all-natural ingredients in its products and takes pride in being a nutraceutical manufacturer. There are no drugs, chemicals, bionics, enzymes or heavy metals used in their products, making them unique in delivering effective results without the risk of animals developing resistance against them.

TuffRock Poultice is an essential ingredient for any performance horse. It aids in recovery from impact injuries, swelling, cuts and abrasions. It soothes and cools extremely quickly by instantly removing heat from damaged areas using the same principles as a plate heat exchanger to reach under the skin and provide relief to areas that need it most.

TuffRock Gastro-Intestinal Liquid is an acetic acid stabiliser that assists with horses gastrointestinal issues. It normalises gastric challenges, designed to focus on the cause, not the symptoms. It is ideal for competition horses who travel on a regular basis.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be able to sell both these products at the Equestrian Centre at whole sale price, making them readily available and affordable for all equestrian students.